SBL has built its reputation over 18 years as a leading force in the genealogy sector, backed by a team of seasoned historians and genealogists. This dedicated group has deeply engaged with historical records, positioning us as a pivotal resource for major genealogy firms. It's a point of pride that virtually any genealogical data you encounter has been through our thorough review process. Our team has expertly handled over a billion records, including documents from periods as early as before the World War, demonstrating our broad linguistic proficiency across English, French, German, Swedish, Latin, Cyrillic, and various Scandinavian languages.

At the core of our operation, we maintain close collaborations with some of the field's most respected historians and family research specialists. Their expertise is crucial as we navigate the complexities of genealogical exploration. Our innovative edge is sharpened by proprietary AI technologies, encompassing an advanced engine for handwriting recognition and machine learning models adept at identifying and documenting historically significant data.

This fusion of historical acumen, language skills, and technological innovation underpins our customized genealogy services. We offer our clients a gateway to exploring their heritage, bridging the gap to their ancestral past with precision and sensitivity. With SBL, embark on a journey of discovery, where every piece of history is treated with the respect and detailed attention it deserves, enriching your understanding of where you come from.

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  • AI powered Genealogy Record TranscriptionProprietary AI engine to transcribe handwritten documents and historical texts, reducing manual processing time and improving accuracy.
  • Genealogical Data Indexing and ExtractionWe identify and extract relevant genealogy information from records, creating searchable indexes for efficient research.
  • Mapping Images to Ancestors and Historical LocationsEmploy image recognition to find potential matches for family photos in historical archives or enriching family history journeys.
  • Create Interactive VideosCreating documentaries, presentations, and interactive family history projects using historical photos, maps, audio recordings, and music.
  • Modeling Historical Buildings & TownsDevelop 3D BIM models of historical sites, villages, and landmarks based on documents and archaeological data.
  • Virtual Tours & Historical ReenactmentsVR technology to transport visitors through reconstructed environments, and engaging with interactive storytelling elements
  • Family Tree ApplicationApplication accessible over the web to manage families, create trees and even export them.
  • Mapping Ancestral Journeys & Migration PatternsOverlay family timelines and migration routes on interactive maps, showcasing geographical context and historical events.
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Leverage AI and ML for efficient historical records management, creating a library that's easily accessible and retrievable through NLP technology with smartarchivS

Redefine back office Genealogy functions and workflow management by transforming the entire spectrum of document and process lifecycles into a cohesive, efficient, and controllable sequence.
  • Accredited by The National Archives for secure genealogical data management, enhancing client trust and data integrity.
  • Innovated genealogy mapping workflows for efficient and user-friendly ancestral tracing.
  • Achieved a 99.96% on-time delivery rate, ensuring client satisfaction with timely and budget-friendly project completion.
  • Implemented AI-powered handwriting recognition for increased data accuracy and processing efficiency.
  • Processed over 3 billion records across 1000+ projects, establishing a strong reputation in comprehensive genealogical research.


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Dedicated to transforming the exploration of ancestry and historical records, SBL delivers cutting-edge services in the genealogy and historical research sector.

Our aim is to enable individuals and researchers with resources that illuminate family histories and enrich cultural understanding. Partner with us to access our skilled team, armed with the essential knowledge, expertise, and advanced technology to adeptly navigate the intricate processes of genealogical research and craft a deep, meaningful connection to ancestral roots.