Digital transformation of legislative bodies, with seamless integration of information and communications technology in their operational framework, automates manual processes and reduces process complexities for effective lawmaking. SBL’s proprietary eParliament services & solutions represent a revolutionary enabler for the end-to-end digital transformation of legislative bodies to reduce process complexities, establish green governance, strengthen the democratic process, improve stakeholder collaboration, and increase public participation in governance. eParliament is a pioneering eco-friendly platform for the complete digital transformation of legislative bodies into high-tech, paperless institutions. By eliminating paper usage from the lawmaking process, our eParliament services & solutions bring massive cost reduction along with significant environmental benefits.

Furthermore, our solutions reduce millions of tons of carbon footprint, save hundreds of thousands of trees, and conserve billions of gallons of water. With a dedicated research and development division, we gain in-depth knowledge about the operational intricacies of legislative bodies across the globe for upgrading and customizing our solution to meet the unique and country-specific needs of various legislative bodies. We offer a one-time investment model without any recurring subscription or licensing costs and deploy an OpenStack platform to eliminate annual fees or other hidden expenses.

Our implementation team works to re-engineer the business processes of legislative bodies and incorporate the latest technology trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver a robust and futuristic solution that is aligned with national and international sustainability targets and takes the lawmaking process to the next level.


  • End-to-end digital transformation for legislative bodies.
  • Eco-friendly, paperless operations with substantial cost and environmental savings.
  • Customization to meet unique, country- specific needs with multilingual support.
  • Advanced technology integration, including AI and machine learning.
  • One-time investment model with no hidden costs.


  • Facilitates seamless communication between the Members, department officials, the Speaker, the public, and the media.
  • Promotes greater citizen participation with mobile technology.
  • Powerful document management for improved data availability.
  • Eliminates paper usage and delivers measurable cost savings and environmental benefits
  • Enhances process efficiency by eliminating redundant processes
  • 70% increase in operational efficiency and 50% improvement in time management
  • A greater level of citizen participation through mobile technology and grievance management from the public portal.
  • Powerful document management system to improve information availability
  • Improves the online submission of legislative data
  • Enhanced control, monitoring, transparency, and accountability of legislative processes
  • Fully customizable with multilingual facility and multi platform support
  • Drastically increases operational efficiency and time management in lawmaking.


SBL is committed to establishing paperless eco-friendly parliaments and considers it a privilege to be a part of the global digital transformation of parliaments.

We adhere to a consultancy approach and work closely with our customers at all stages of the project.

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