Peaking urbanization with rapid realty development and commercialization has led to a massive increase in the industrial, housing,construction and business-related garbage and solid waste generation. With the growing global focus on climate change agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) that promotes urban sustainability, has necessitated the adoption of a systematic solid waste management system for creating eco-friendly cities by reducing the adverse impact of solid waste on the environment and people’s health. An integrated solid waste management solution that effectively controls the generation, collection, storage, transport, and disposal of solid waste to improve the waste disposal and the related landfill disposal management. The majority of the solid waste management projects are facing challenges such as lack of control over waste collected and transported, an improper record of waste collected, poor management of dumping yards, etc. SBL’s Solid waste management solution serves the end-to-end requirements for waste reduction and proper waste disposal with real-time tracking of solid waste collection, control over vehicles used, and automatic record maintenance.

SBL provides an IoT-based monitoring system to help authorities track the real-time status of ‘Solid Waste’ collected from across the city by the vendors responsible for the collection and transportation of municipal garbage. Designed by industry experts, our solution is scalable to effectively meet the ever-growing volume of solid waste generated in modern cities daily. With a focus on meeting the emerging sustainability standards, our municipal solid waste management solution automates and streamlines every stage of waste management from pick up to delivery and ensures effortless operations. We deploy the latest technologies including vehicle tracking system, RFID, boom barrier, weighing bridge, smart camera, and MIS for ensuring a hassle-free and secure waste management process for our clients.


  • Citizen grievances app
  • Mobile app for supervisor, driver, and citizens
  • Vehicle-mounted RFID reader and GPS tracker
  • Handheld RFID reader for door to door reading
  • RFID tags and QR code tags for bins and households
  • Automated vehicle locator management system
  • GPS/GPRS based mobile attendance management system for field staff
  • Unified dashboard view
  • Android mobile for sanitation workers
  • Bin level sensors
  • CCTV at transfer stations and dumping yards


  • Government bodies
  • Municipal corporations
  • Private companies dealing with waste collection
  • Various industries
  • Waste collection operators


  • A complete automated system that eliminates the need for human intervention and improves efficiency
  • Comprehensive reports for accurate insights into the process flow for informed decision making
  • Intuitive technology with easy to use maps for route optimization
  • Powerful workflows for optimized allocation of tasks
  • Suitable for all types of recycling, landfills, and transfer stations.
  • Transparent process with MIS to generate analytics and monitor system health
  • Affordable with reliable support service


Holistic waste management begins with SBL’ solid waste management solution.

We offer customizable modules for our customers that meet their specific needs and help them effectively mitigate the hazards involved in waste management while simultaneously reducing the high operational costs.

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