As the global food demand is rising, the agriculture sector is faced with the challenging task of meeting the growing demand with a sustainable food supply that is simultaneously nutritious, healthy, and safe. Apart from the pressure to meet the growing demand, the agriculture sector also needs to adapt to the shift in customer demand toward organic produce. Being an industry that faces several unforeseen contingencies such as unpredictable weather patterns, shortfall of or surplus rainfall, and outbreaks of infestations and pestilences, sustainable farming requires the adoption of scientific farming techniques backed by advanced technology.

Resilient food production needs the support of various scientific agriculture practices such as real-time weather forecasting, ultra-high resolution imaging, controlled environment farming, and biotechnology. Digitalisation of the agriculture business and incorporating the latest agricultural equipment can improve the efficiency of the agri-food system, connect farmers to consumers without any middlemen, and reduce food waste.

Our in-depth expertise in digitally enabling the complex agricultural support services allows us to design and develop disruptive technology solutions that support scientific farming by deploying artificial intelligence, big data analytics, GIS mapping solutions, etc, and increase agricultural productivity through farm mapping, precision farming and yield estimation, crop acreage analysis and crop land information collection, virtual crop monitoring and disease detection, gis-based agriculture land use plans, business intelligence, statistics preparation, GIS-based farmers information system, mobile based location information, mobile GIS for farm management, checks on livestock using VR, precision farming based GIS applications, billing and collections and many more value added IT solutions and services.

We help streamline the farming process and support the Agribusiness sector in improving farm practices by leveraging technological support for complex agricultural activities including weather forecasting, measuring soil salinity and soil fertility, monitoring crops and livestock, etc. Our team of agricultural technology experts helps organisations with precision-driven agriculture tools and technologies such as GPS, moisture sensors, robotic systems, and temperature management tools and ensures successful, safe, productive, and eco-friendly farming.

We assist agribusinesses in achieving adequate visibility from grain to granary by leveraging real-time data through advanced devices and sensors and also devise business intelligence and statistical solutions for intelligent decision-making.


  • GIS data conflation services
  • Terrain modelling services
  • Land use, land cover and habitat classification services
  • Data Analysis
  • Financial Services
  • IT Services
  • Image Enhancement
  • Creative Design Services
  • Professional Video Editing
  • AI Model Development & Integration
  • Data Labeling and Annotation Services
  • Image and Video recognition

GIS data conflation services

For integrating various data sources for comprehensive farm management


  • SmartarchivS
  • Solid Waste Management


Land document search and retrieval


  • Our GIS experts helped the Saudi government in protecting mangroves on Dammam Coast and reduce coastal erosion
  • We aided the University of North Carolina to decide its future course of action through our anthropological studies
  • Our geofencing solutions are used by a Canadian company to safeguard its boundaries
  • Early crop disease detection and management helped farmers increase their yield and predictability of farming
  • SBL deploys agro-ecological mapping mechanisms for crop management, traceability solutions for storage, distribution, and logistics, and cutting-edge data analytics and security solutions for food security and regulatory compliance.
  • We assist agribusinesses in adopting a digital ecosystem to follow, trace, and monitor operations across the food supply chain.
  • Our GIS experts helped the Saudi government in protecting mangroves on Dammam Coast and reducing coastal erosion
  • Early crop disease detection and management helped farmers increase their yield and predictability of farming
  • We devise bespoke technical solutions and agriculture machines to integrate processes and components for prompt, informed business decisions.
  • Besides being cost-effective, our 24*7 service provision strategy allows us to deliver all the agriculture assignments within a quick TAT.


At SBL, we are passionate about transforming the Agriculture industry with advanced technology solutions that promote sustainable and efficient practices.

Our team is ready to collaborate with you, bringing extensive experience, resources, and state-of-the-art technology to optimize every aspect of your agricultural operations, ensuring growth and a prosperous future.


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