The education sector is under increasing pressure to adapt to the rapid pace of global technological change. It is increasingly the case that digital technologies are used as the enabler for the overall learning process, delivering access to high quality education for the maximum number of students while acting as a common support for all stakeholders. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) or edtech such as blockchain technology, data intelligence, IoT, artificial intelligence, etc., are already being leveraged to transform the sector and strengthen learning. Adapting to the new shift towards remote learning and online working models precipitated by the pandemic is challenging if you lack the digital resources, expertise, and continuous access to the latest digital tools. At SBL, our education support services are designed to help meet these challenges and opportunities.

As e-learning has become mainstream, the imperative to recreate the discipline and rigour of the classroom experience across various digital channels, including online and mobile platforms, has become paramount if the education sector is to continue to deliver excellence. With this in mind, the teaching community is already embracing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) tools and AI models to introduce digital simulation and data-rich knowledge graphs as new ways to record and interpret learning patterns. These changes in the education system have compelled industry experts and start-ups to remodel their technological solutions as per the industry need. Outsourcing services is a viable option for educational institutions to upgrade their systems and offer students a state-of-the-art education experience.

With SBL, you can outsource various research-backed and technologically agile services for your education institution. We partner with schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions of all sizes to help build a resilient education enterprise. We enable a digital ecosystem based on information technologies that help to modernise education methods, empowering traditional and virtual classrooms, bridging the communication gaps, and benefiting students with personalised and collaborative learning experiences and timely interventions. At the same time, teachers gain the support to develop customised content and complete real-time online student assessments. Similarly, parents can monitor their children’s performance each semester and utilise digital tuition for all or selected subjects. Moreover, administrators leverage digital tools to streamline functions- from student enrolment to hiring faculty and payroll to campus recruitment. Therefore, we can offer a holistic education management solution with a quick TAT to your educational institution cost-effectively.


  • Landbase mapping services
  • GIS consulting
  • Utility mapping services
  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Financial Services
  • IT Services
  • Image Enhancement
  • Creative Design Services
  • Professional Video Editing
  • AI Model Development & Integration
  • Data Labeling and Annotation Services
  • Chatbot Development

Landbase mapping services

For campus planning and facility management


  • SmartarchivS
  • 1registriS
  • Smart School
  • RFID based Library Management


Academic Content Management, Student records, Academic certificates and publications.


  • SBL elevates the learning experience by paving the way for robust advanced or e-learning that supports personalised and even immersive learning while incorporating progressive learning methodologies.
  • We adopt a holistic information security and cybersecurity approach to safeguard digitally transferred data and assets. Our agile management solution monitors servers, networks, and endpoints to identify unauthorised intrusions and security breaches.
  • We support educational institutions to optimally manage their several operations by streamlining workflows for administration, recruitment, finance and accounting, and payroll.


Dedicated to enriching learning experiences and administrative processes, SBL provides custom IT solutions for the Education sector.

Our approach is to empower institutions, educators, and students with the latest technology and resources, backed by a team rich in experience and expertise. Collaborate with us to transform educational practices and create an environment conducive to success and innovation.

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