Strategic Partnership Announced Between Dhiway and SBL Knowledge Services to Propel Digital Identity Solutions

A Groundbreaking Alliance of Pioneers in Technology

Cochin, Kerala – August 23, 2023 – SBL, an internationally acclaimed technology service provider and a luminary in the Indian technological panorama, has announced a transformative partnership with Dhiway, the industry leader in enterprise Web 3.0 technology. Together, they aim to redefine the domains of digital governance and skill development by introducing state-of-the-art digital identity solutions.

SBL: An Innovator and a World-Leading Trailblazer

SBL’s reputation as a pioneer is cemented by its groundbreaking achievements. A recipient of India’s highest civil service award, and acknowledged for its innovative product ‘evidhan’ as a mission mode project by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, SBL stands tall among the world’s technological giants. Its collaborations with esteemed institutions like the British Library, the National Archives, the Queen’s Office in London, and London Railways add to its illustrious portfolio.

Its latest feat is the implementation of a fully digitized legislative assembly, positioning SBL as one of the world’s first to accomplish such a remarkable feat.

Embarking on a Technological Expedition

This collaboration with Dhiway extends beyond a mere business alliance. It embodies a commitment to a global, secure ecosystem that magnifies workforce empowerment. Together, the partnership will offer an extensive suite of APIs for creating and integrating applications that handle persistent digital identifiers. This is more than innovation; it’s a reimagining of credential management, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient future.

Reflections from Leadership

“As pioneers in digitizing government proceedings, we at SBL are thrilled to align our expertise with Dhiway,” expressed SBL’s CEO, Gopakumar Pillai. “We foresee this collaboration reshaping the way credentials are managed, not only in governance but across various skilling sectors.”

Dhiway’s CEO, KP Pradeep, concurred, “Our partnership with SBL marks a momentous stride toward a seamless future of trust in digital interactions. SBL’s keen focus on application and Dhiway’s technological mastery will foster new opportunities for trust-oriented platforms.”

A Peek into SBL and Dhiway

SBL, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a global marvel in GIS, BPMS, AI/ML, and Multimedia. Its innovative and widely-acclaimed digital parliament solution is a testament to its excellence.

Dhiway, a pioneer in universal identification solutions, stands committed to revolutionizing the digital realm with its focus on portability, persistence, privacy, and user control.

In joining hands, SBL and Dhiway embark on a technological odyssey, driven by innovation, trust, and a shared vision of a digitally empowered world.

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