Benefits of outsourcing to India

India is emerging as the most preferred outsourcing destination among Asian countries. This article highlights the reasons behind the popularity of India as an outsourcing destination among countries in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe. Read on to learn the benefits of outsourcing to India.

Outsourcing is a proven business strategy for saving costs, achieving operational efficiency, scalability, and business growth. Regardless of their size, companies in many countries are leveraging the outsourcing business model for various domains such as IT, customer service, sales, and content creation. Moreover, many countries recognize the benefits of outsourcing to India and are entering into partnerships with outsourcing companies in the leading Indian cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Delhi.

What are the top benefits of outsourcing to India?

There are many advantages of outsourcing in India. Though advantages of outsourcing are based on the needs of a business, in general, companies that outsource have more time to devote to their core competencies.

Here are the leading benefits.

Lower costs

India is a cost-effective destination compared to many other countries. Rather than hiring in-house, companies can outsource their operations to India and enjoy the advantages of lower labour costs. This directly increases the ROI.


Many industries have to scale their operations according to the seasonal business cycle. Outsourcing to India helps businesses maintain high levels of scalability. Such businesses maintain a lean operation and do not hire more than what is required. Benefits of outsourcing allow them to improve their flexibility.

Smooth communication

Most Indians are educated and are proficient in English compared to their counterparts in other Asian countries. Further, communication is crucial for the success and seamless progress of an outsourced business. This is a prime reason why many countries prefer India for outsourcing their projects.

Skilled workforce

India provides access to a pool of highly skilled workforce. The majority of Indians is fluent in English and has vast domain exposure and expertise in handling critical projects. Every year 3.1 million students pass out and join the Indian workforce, thereby bringing the latest skills to the market.

Increases productivity

Outsourcing services increases productivity by leveraging on the exceptional and well-trained talent available with the vendors. It is profitable to outsource the projects than hire and train an in-house team.

Improves customer support

Many companies need to provide round-the-clock customer support. Outsourcing helps to support customers any time, regardless of the time zone differences. Indians are well-trained in handling customer support 24/7 and are fluent in English so that they can extend support to customers from any location.

Updated technology

Indian vendors invest in the latest technologies and train their workforce on a regular basis to keep them updated on the advanced technologies. Moreover, all major cities and towns in India have excellent internet connectivity. This ensures that the Indian companies can meet the technological challenges involved in any overseas project.

Consistent services

Indian vendors provide consistent and high-quality services. They use advanced IT infrastructure and expert professionals for delivering superior quality. India boasts of the highest number of ISO certified companies and promises that quality is never compromised.

Fast delivery

Companies in India have proven their commitment to deadlines and often deliver earlier. Further, the expert professionals, advanced infrastructure, and time zone differences are the prime reasons for the quick project delivery.

Supportive policies

Compared to many other Asian countries, India is economically and politically stable. Indian Government is highly supportive to outsourcing and issues beneficial policies for the smooth growth of the outsourcing sector.


Advantages of outsourcing in business are innumerable. Hence, if you are looking for higher business growth, outsourcing to India might be a perfect choice. Indian outsourcing segment has proved its efficiency by helping many businesses develop high-quality products at lower rates. The skilled Indian workforce can give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of outsourcing to India are numerous. Before selecting an outsourcing partner in India, verify their credentials and portfolio and always select only reputed vendors like SBL Corp to handle your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is outsourcing good for India?

By outsourcing to India, you are able to access skilled people as and when you need them, which can help you manage difficult business situations. Scalability is one of the benefits of outsourcing. Apart from this the impact of outsourcing in India is tremendous and is a positive boost for the Indian economy.

2. What are the benefits of outsourcing?

So, how has outsourcing helped India’s economy? Outsourcing brings many benefits to business such as lowered costs, variable capacity, increased flexibility, and increased efficiency. Impact of outsourcing on Indian economy is visible in the increased in GDP through BPO segment.

3. What are 3 advantages of outsourcing?

Outsourcing is beneficial for a number of reasons. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best. Moreover, it may also be cheaper to hire a third-party service provider than someone with similar skills in your company, which can save you some money as well!

4. Is outsourcing good or bad?

Your company can benefit from outsourcing, but only if you find the right people and know how to manage the project. In developing countries, outsourcing has the potential to improve a worker’s quality of life. By decreasing poverty rates and raising wages, outsourcing has helped to raise the standard of living in countries like India. In addition, this allows companies to meet market demands they would not otherwise be able to meet.

Outsourcing jobs overseas, however, can also have downsides, such as job losses and cultural conflicts.

5. What are the major reasons for outsourcing?

Flexibility, efficiency, ability to focus on core activities, low-cost, etc are some of the major advantages of outsourcing.

6. What are the impacts of outsourcing?

Outsourcing has many positive results for a country. It can lower barriers to entry and improve the service quality of businesses. The tremendous economic growth recorded in the country since economic liberalization reveals the importance of outsourcing in Indian economy.

7. Does outsourcing save money?

Outsourcing brings low-cost advantage to the business. One of the leading benefits of outsourcing to India is its ability to save money and cost.

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