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SBL’s commitment to corporate social responsibility

We believe in making a difference

At SBL, we are committed to driving socio-economic changes through the empowerment of the needy in the society and delivering value-added technological solutions that are eco-friendly and aligned with the goals of sustainable development. SBL Human foundation, our CSR wing, works to make a positive impact in our communities through constant endeavors to better the lives of the underprivileged.

We run many charity programs that fund the education, food, medicine, and housing of the underprivileged with special emphasis on children and the elderly. Our focus is on developing the backward regions and supporting the marginalized sections to come into the mainstream and lead better lives. While addressing the need for green technology through our innovative and eco-friendly solutions, we ensure that the technology we create, benefits the people and the planet bringing substantial difference.

Visit SBL Human Foundation to know more about our CSR activities.

Achieving sustainability through our services and solutions

Our paperless solution for automation of law-making bodies helped in achieving substantial resource savings and environmental protection.


Total cost savings

1,354 million USD


Total trees saved

50823 trees


Paper saved(A4)

686 million A4 sheets


Total water saved

2052 million gallons


Reduction in carbon emissions

8470 metric tons

Moreover, all our services, products and solutions are designed and developed to align with the goal of sustainable development and environmental protection bringing you substantial savings in terms of resources and operations.

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