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Visual communication
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Businesses rely on high-quality visual communications such as infographics, process diagrams, flowcharts, visual reports, videos and marketing collateral. Presentations, slide decks, mind maps, etc all help to simplify complex concepts and communicate with customers in an immediate, impactful and easy-to-grasp manner.  Designing and developing visual communication deliverables in-house can be expensive as it requires the support of experienced graphic design professionals and high-end technology tools. SBL’s visual communication services can handle a wide range of visual communication deliverables including PowerPoint presentations, engineering drawings, advertisements, charts and graphics, videos and many more, delivering a richer experience and help save on time, costs, and resources for our clients.

Backed by a team of experts with extensive domain expertise, we serve the end-to-end visual communication needs for a wide range of industries such as retail, fashion, E-commerce, healthcare, transportation and logistics, infrastructure, government, and mining. We deliver visuals of consistent quality that are industry-specific and can meet the various business needs with the desired impact.

SBL’s visual communication services

Be it a sales pitch, a scientific illustration, animated GIFs, or a product model, our team creates varied types of high impact visual communication deliverables that effectively communicate with the end-user in a concise and clear way improving performance. For architectural and engineering industries we offer precise 3D models, 3D drawings, automated mapping, and mechanical drawings for simplifying the design process and ensuring accurate depiction of the real-world scenario. Further, our team also supports businesses with sales presentations, videos, graphics, and illustrations that can create the right impression in the minds of the prospects. 

Our visual communication outsourcing services also serve the media industry with compelling advertisements, animated feature films, production, and post-production work using the latest software such as SGI, SFX, and 3D Max.  With a proven track record in supporting the needs of diverse multimedia companies, we have flawlessly handled the post-processing requirement of one of Silicon Valley’s top multimedia companies.

Why use SBL’s visual communication outsourcing services?

At SBL, we follow a well-defined and scalable workflow that accurately captures the client’s business needs and structures the design deliverables in complete alignment with the overall business strategy. We have access to state-of-the-art production facilities, animation studios, and the latest software to guarantee the best output with no compromise on quality.

With strict adherence to the SLA, we follow the agreed production schedule to deliver within time and budget and offer a transparent process for our clients to have control over each stage of the project. A dedicated account manager is in constant interaction with our clients during the project for quality assurance and we also offer round-the-clock support to deal with all hurdles. Our production facilities are access controlled and follow strict data security measures for complete safety and confidentiality of the client’s data. We also offer a flexible pricing model to meet the diverse needs of our clients and match their required volume and budget.

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As a leading visual communication services company, SBL provides world-class visual communication services that blend creative excellence with business needs.

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