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Vendor management services for manufacturing

management system

SBL’s vendor management system offers you centralised sourcing support in finding, engaging and managing your labour intensive vendor management functions. We thoroughly analyse our client’s vendor management requirements and define a custom workflow to cater to them. 

We take on the management of the external workforce, including contractors, temporary and seasonal workers, and service firms, allowing your company to enhance and complement your talent base.

With our services such as boosting tax protection, registration of GST, streamlining procurement, management of petty cash, enhancing facilities and payments, and optimisation of payment structure, companies can hire individuals and services throughout the world with mobility and flexibility, acquiring in-demand talent, ramping up or down, enhancing speed and value of our client.

Using our vendor management system, you may ship anything from a small envelope to a large piece of machinery anywhere in the world at the best possible price, on the most appropriate carriers, and with the highest reliability, safety, and security. SBL begins the procedure by understanding the client’s requirements and then coordinates with its partners to give a brief overview of how our services can help them. SBL’s vendor and management service team ensures that the process can be tracked in real-time and that the client can see the reports. The last stage is to create thorough reports that provide a complete picture of the procedure we went through.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Boosting tax protection
  • Registration of GST
  • Streamlining procurement
  • Management of petty cash
  • Enhancing facilities and payments
  • Optimisation of payment structure

Why choose SBL's vendor management system?

SBL leads you through a complex rules-driven cargo processing environment. You may access real-time online bidding in a highly secure environment and have all of your data centralised for up to seven years. We also make sure that our vendor management services are adaptable to any budget. As a result, you can save the most money by tailoring your order. Not only that but our services are provided to you with your urgency in mind. We always try to ensure that services are delivered within a reasonable time frame. SBL also provides you with a specialised reporting and analysis mechanism that allows you to integrate the process into your system while also providing an idea of how to set it up and use it. We also ensure multi-level security measures with our highly integrated system, including robust 128-bit SSL encryption, to keep your data safe.

How to get started

Vendor management outsourcing services provided by SBL are guaranteed to help businesses more efficiently and with unwavering attention to detail. Our team’s size ensures that your demands are prioritised and handled on time.

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