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With globalisation breaking the trade barriers, logistics companies need to evolve continuously by integrating technological advancements in their operations to meet the international transportation demands, information-enabled customer expectations, and ensure supply chain integration. Apart from this logistics companies are facing escalating costs due to the rising fuel prices and are looking for holistic solutions to eliminate waste and inefficiencies from their processes. The logistics industry needs to leverage business analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, etc on a large scale to ensure on-time deliveries, cybersecurity, and lower rates. SBL delivers cutting-edge and smart technology solutions to logistic companies allowing them to leverage real-time traffic information, traffic alerts, live video on road conditions, etc, and ensure safe and effective operations. Our end-to-end digital technologies infuse stainable operations in the logistics sector, eliminating data silos and aiding complete adherence to industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

With the use of technology, outsourcing services from SBL, logistics companies can experience improved customer service, inventory management, cost reduction, expansion into new markets, vendor management, and so on while focusing on the core business. Our range of services can help companies improve their operational efficiency through supply chain management, inventory management, customer support, and regulatory compliance by providing the necessary expertise, resources, warehousing, and IT capabilities to support all facets of the transportation business. Further, we provide comprehensive software that aids intelligent route planning, simplifies logistics workflow, reduces operational costs, boosts transparency, establishes supply chain efficiency, and ensures eco-friendly operations by cutting fuel consumption. 

Our range of transportation specific solutions includes transport network mapping, route optimization system, route analysis, fleet management system, loading and unloading systems, vehicle tracking solutions, iwalkthrough, RFID solutions, customer billing, invoice processing, track and trace, attributisation of road network ,logistics tracking, permit management, road information tracking using AR,VR walkthrough creation, legacy transformation business intelligence, document management services, logistics data entry, break bulk and many more.

Services we offer to the transport & logistics

Key highlights

  • Our vehicle tracking and management solutions helped a state-run transporting agency to arrest their leakages by 30%
  • We have been the business partner of Match1 Logistics for the last 10 years
  • We have successfully handled the vehicle weighing challenges for Kenya-based transporter
  • Our Smart Fleet Management solutions helped logistics companies to bring predictability to their businesses

How to get started

Our range of offerings right from consulting to technology to logistics address key challenges and streamline operations. We help our clients realise the value of their technology investments while delivering top-notch services and help them in completing the toughest logistics jobs at a reasonable cost.

Contact us to work with an experienced team that has the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the most difficult terrains of the supply chain challenges.

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