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As the business need for reliable transcription increases, companies are constantly challenged with keeping pace with the rising complexities of the transcription process and finding the right trade-off between quality and cost. An in-house transcription process can entail several insurmountable hurdles: shortage of skilled transcribers, language barriers, and related overhead expenses. Transcription outsourcing services represent an ideal alternative for high-quality transcripts while simultaneously saving on time, money, and resources. This outsourcing approach eliminates the need to develop complex in-house capability and infrastructure. 

At SBL, we offer comprehensive and secure multi-format transcription outsourcing services and solutions. These add exceptional business value to our clients’ operations through higher quality, flexibility, scalability, and quick turnaround time. We handle the end-to-end intricacies of transcription, allowing our clients to focus on their core business development activities to maximize their growth and ROI.

Our multilingual transcription outsourcing services adhere to the highest standards of quality and security to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes. We leverage state-of-the-art technology and offer precise transcription to diverse domains including: genealogy, medical, legal, academic; media, E-commerce, retail; insurance, banking and finance; government, infrastructure, transportation and logistics; and local and national archives such as TNA in London. With an average of more than 10 years of experience in managing complex handwritten documents and expertise in processing records from as early as the 15th century with complex writing styles, we promise unmatchable quality.

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Equipped with the requisite domain knowledge and longstanding industry expertise, our team of professional transcribers and proofreaders do not compromise on the quality of the transcripts at any stage in the transcription process. With guaranteed speed, attention to detail and an accuracy level of 99%, our services include audio-to-text, text-to-text, video-to-text, and verbatim translation. We can handle even the most complex transcriptions and meet stringent quality standards and deadlines reliably while processing and delivering files according to client-specified formats. Our team works from access-controlled production facilities equipped with secure servers and data encryption. Further, our HIPAA and GDPR compliant workflows guarantee process transparency and high levels of security and confidentiality for your business data.

Whether a legal transcript, business transcript, archives transcript, or an academic research transcript we have got you covered. We work through each file meticulously and capture start-to-finish details comprehensively to produce ready-to-use text for all business needs. Equipped with advanced technologies and speech recognition software, we capture every syllable, and every minute detail of audio content to eliminate filler words, false starts, and other common transcription errors. We follow a strict quality control process with multiple reviews for minimal errors and the best transcription services.  

Why use SBL’s transcription outsourcing services?

We deliver scalable, customizable transcription outsourcing services and solutions for a wide range of business needs in multiple languages. By combining high levels of human transcription expertise with advanced speech recognition technology, we offer flexibility to suit diverse requirements and guarantee the highest quality at affordable prices. Our team works 24/7 to capture value from any recordings including interviews, conferences, and meetings with a focus on delivering inclusive and meaningful end results.

Professional transcribers at SBL have transcribed hundreds of millions of files and come with industry certifications that equip them to handle projects of any volume and complexity. We have multiple transcription teams with dedicated project managers to capture the client’s business needs and deliver within pre-defined deadlines. Our round-the-clock support team is available to answer all your queries and offer complete assistance throughout the digital transcription project for a smooth and error-free workflow. Quick turnaround time, high quality, and multiple delivery options make us the first choice for global clients.


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A successful SBL project for record transcription of Norwegian registers dating from the 15th century onwards


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