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Top 5 Reasons to Use 360 Degree Walkthrough Tours in Real Estate

360 Degree Walkthrough Tours

How 360 degree walkthrough tours can help your real estate business

Are you frustrated with managing a large number of client visits to your properties? The lengthy house visits, negotiations, lost sales, etc could be a potential drain on the resources of any real estate company. Virtual tours or 360-degree walkthrough tours are emerging as the ideal solution for this time-consuming, cumbersome process and are the most user-friendly way to provide prospective buyers with a complete view of the properties.

Here are some interesting facts about virtual tours that might be of interest:

  • More than half of the real estate buyers do not check a property listing if it doesn’t have virtual images – National Association of Realtors
  • Property listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views compared to the ones that use only photos –
  • 75% of home buyers consider virtual tours as a major factor that influences their purchase decision – Planet Home Study

Virtual tours and 360-degree walkthrough tours are transforming the entire landscape of property inspections allowing real estate companies to provide their prospective clients with engaging and memorable 360-degree experiences of any property on any device. 

Virtual house tours, 360 degree walkthrough tours: what are they?


Virtual house tours are a new technological advancement that allows real estate companies or agents to showcase their properties in an engaging and creative manner to prospective customers. The technology provides the opportunity to display every corner of the property so that customers can explore several properties without a physical visit.

A 3D walkthrough tour is similar to a virtual tour and allows the buyers to explore the property without a physical visit. It provides a virtual rendering of the property and introduces more flexibility than virtual tours by offering the buyer various options to change the look and feel of the property. The buyer can choose different furniture or other interior options and understand how the property might appear with the changes.

Top reasons to use a 360 degree walkthrough tour for your real estate business

360 degree walkthrough tours are the preferred choice of most property buyers to obtain a realistic property experience without the hassles of physical inspection. Let us see the key benefits a 360 degree walkthrough tour can bring to your real estate business.

  1. Saves time – 360 degree walkthrough tours eliminate the need for physical visits and save time and money for both the realtors and buyers. Searching for properties, examining them, and short-listing the right ones become quicker with virtual tours. At the same time, realtors can showcase the properties to multiple clients without having to attend to each client in person. Customers located even in remote corners can view the properties from the comfort of their home and carry out a physical inspection only for the ones they are interested in. The process eliminates wasted visits and rejections since customers visit only those properties which have caught their interest.
  1. Cost-effective – 360 degree walkthrough tours are cost-effective. Initial investment in terms of technology might seem expensive to many realtors, however, in the long run virtual tours can save the expenses on print advertising and other requirements such as property staging. Besides, these tours are reusable on multiple devices and hence reduce the overhead expenses.
  1. Improves the emotional connection – Compared to 2D print or website images, 360 degree walkthrough tours provide an immersive experience to the viewer. The buyer can get a realistic idea about the property, which could help to create an emotional connection.
  1. Expand the business reach – Virtual technology and 360 degree property tours can reduce the distance between the buyers and the properties. Since it is more convenient to inspect properties from any location, realtors can offer property inspections to customers spread across the globe. This helps real estate players to reach out to overseas customers and tap into the global real estate market.
  1. Better architectural visualisation and virtual staging – Realtors can offer affordable property simulations using virtual tours providing buyers with a clear visual experience of the property. It also helps to incorporate virtual staging and create attractive interiors with minimal investment. 

How to get started?

360 degree walkthrough tours are incredibly useful for real estate players to improve their business efficiency and attract more customers. Matterport is now the first choice of countless realtors to create appealing 360 degree virtual tours for their properties. Apart from being economical, Matterport is capable of delivering flawless virtual tours and unparalleled customer experience.  

The SBL Multimedia team can help you create arresting and extremely eye-catching 360 degree walkthrough tours and ensure that you leave a memorable impact in the minds of your prospective customers. With long-standing exposure to the real estate domain, our experts have in-depth knowledge about Matterport and can deliver virtual tours of the highest quality to take your business to the next level. 

Please email [email protected] for more information. 

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