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Solutions & services for telecommunications

As a service driven industry, the telecommunications industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, new technology adoption and tech-enabled services to cater for its huge subscriber-base globally. However, managing the demands of a customer base numbering in the hundreds of millions is a complex operation with numerous back-end processes. These include call service configuration, invoicing and billing, the management of different contract packages, order fulfilment, and payments, each of which requires a customer-centric approach. Therefore, it is more important than ever that telecom service providers keep up with the rapidly changing demands and expectations of their consumers. 

Also, managing network security, uptime, control and secure authentication features across global networks requires multiple operational and technical upgrades. However, growing competition has led telcos to bring down customer tariff plans, putting stress on their bottom-line even further. Even established telecom businesses face challenges in managing these multi-functional tasks and setting up an additional in-house teams, especially for IT and digital support services. Outsourcing these tasks to reliable telecom tech service providers offers telecom companies the advantage of improving their offerings, optimising their operational IT costs and keeping their customers satisfied for long-term growth.

To retain an edge in a highly competitive market, it makes sense to outsource your telecommunication IT needs to a flexible partner like SBL. This approach provides immediate access to managed IT software infrastructure as you need it, allowing you to scale quickly both up or down. It also allows you to streamline your various business processes to focus on your core competencies and move ahead of your competitors. 

SBL is ISO certified that can offer cost-effective telecom solutions analysing different telecom verticals such as cable, wireless, broadband internet, DSL and fibre, traditional telephony, etc. We are at the service of medium to large mobile network operators, telecom organisations, broadcasters, wireless service providers, small and medium-size cable companies, ISPs etc. Our technology solutions and services for the telecoms industry include: network inventory management software; network performance management software; cloud and network migration services; VoIP solutions; ERP and CRM software, customer self-service portals, custom web and mobile applications; billing software; fault management, predictive maintenance and trouble ticketing; IT security solutions, 24-hour remote omni-channel technical support; data analytics for customer engagement and retention and many more. 

Services we offer to the telecommunication

Key highlights

  • Serving you as an all-encompassing service destination, SBL keeps all your outsourced services under one roof to ensure better compliance along with slashed costs.
  • Understanding the changing dynamics of telecom enterprise, we increase and decrease the resources employed accordingly with the help of our detailed research and statistics.
  • We provide our clients access to reports and custom dashboards to maintain transparency of project progress.
  • Understanding the changing dynamics of telecommunications enterprises, we increase and decrease the resources employed accordingly with the help of our detailed research and statistics.

How to get started

SBL can assist in streamlining and optimising telecommunication operations through latest IT services and solutions for clients at reasonable costs and quick TAT.

Our telecom tech services have been meticulously designed to assist you in increasing overall efficiency and increase profitability. Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process and build a successful operating model.

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