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Tax preparations for transport & logistics

Tax preparation services

SBL provides tax preparation services to multinational corporations and small and medium-sized firms that are overloaded with managing tax functions in-house. With the help of automation and qualified income tax return professionals, we have mastered tax filing operations management. We can easily keep up with seasonality, governmental regulation changes such as FATCA, and technology improvements. We also assist you in maintaining a tax workforce that meets your requirements in various sectors, including partnership tax returns, small corporation tax returns, corporation tax returns, and payroll tax returns. With the support of our automated mechanisms and efficient software for increased e-filing of income tax returns, we can help you avoid risks with individual income tax returns, “C” company income tax returns, heavy equipment use tax returns, and non-profit corporation tax returns, among other documentation works.

You can rely on SBL’s comprehensive tax preparation services, which include form 1040 (individuals), form 1120 (for businesses and corporations), form 1065 (for partnerships), form 1120S (for S corporations), interpretation, examination, and classification of balance sheet items, interpretation of the treatment and taxability for each account, and classification and interpretation of P/L items, for providing a thorough and meticulously put together report. 

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Tax & regulatory services
  • ProSeries tax processing services
  • H&R Block tax cut processing services
  • Vat return services
  • Sales tax return services
  • Tax processing service
  • Federal tax services

Why choose SBL's tax preparation services?

With our affordable outsourced tax return preparation services, you can take advantage of the best tax software and resources and get guaranteed and trustable outcomes. SBL’s excellent technological infrastructure gives our clients peace of mind that all tax requirements can be fulfilled. We use a data-centric and client-focused strategy to minimise redundancies and manual processes for enhanced efficiency. We are committed to using our income tax return professionals’ considerable operational experience in regulatory processes to satisfy your needs and ensure compliance with tax preparation policies. With the support of ASP/FTP technology, SBL additionally offers round-the-clock client security and privacy protections and reliable connectivity.

How to get started

SBL’s tax preparation services ensure that any tax-related inquiry is promptly addressed, and any complication is immediately handled after thorough consideration by our team working in close coordination with your in-house staff.

Contact us to transform your tax preparation services using cutting-edge technology that eliminates errors and delays.

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