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As competition is rising in the construction and development industry, resilient surveying techniques that leverage technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, drones, GPS, etc are emerging as the need of the hour for gaining a competitive edge.  Scientific surveying practices ensure the smooth execution of construction projects and the safety of the personnel employed. GIS and BIM technologies can help survey companies support rapid data collection, better design, planning, and resource management by using mobile mapping, LiDAR, and laser scanning. BIM aids to streamline processes, minimise duplication, improve collaboration, and enhance decision making. 

Further, by utilising these technologies, authorities will find it easier to monitor both field and desk services where high-order GPS, and terrestrial and aerial scanners are deployed. Most companies are faced with the challenges of handling the complexities of survey tasks and are also burdened with the escalating costs of acquiring technology and establishing a full-time team of employees. Therefore, outsourcing surveying to an operationally reliable and technically viable organisation is an intelligent decision for a growth-oriented survey, construction or engineering company. Technology offers immense possibilities for quick, scalable, and accurate surveys by increasing responsiveness, visibility, consistency, and timeliness of operations.

SBL offers cost-effective and responsive services for the surveying industry supporting the delivery of insightful data for a global clientele without compromising on quality. Among the wide range of reliable civil engineering services such as construction cost estimation, land development, construction drawings, etc., our engineers and technical experts are also experienced in spatial technology and geographic information systems (GIS). Our expertise in GIS and BIM technology helps us gather accurate background information and perform activities including measuring and representing 3D objects, land, trajectories, and point fields. With both structural and technological infrastructure, SBL ensures precise reports based on both existing records and LiDAR mapping & surveys. 

In addition, our surveying staff can also work on various types of projects such as geospatial disposition of electrical infrastructure, utility mapping, fibre optic cable surveying, radiation mapping, land cover surveying, layout surveying, highway and tunnel surveying, remote sensing, hydrographic surveying, map-data processing, topographic surveying, condominium and boundary surveying, title surveying, data communication. etc. Our survey services also aid in historical record retention and simplify future planning.

Services we offer to the surveying industry

Key highlights

  • SBL offers GIS land and location surveys for construction projects and the expansion of existing structures with accurate geospatial positioning of utilities, landmarks, structures, and constraints

  • Utilising satellite images and geo-reference devices, SBL’s survey experts can create precise terrain maps and overlay network maps including both entity data collection and geo-coding.

  • SBL can also provide GIS surveys of existing utilities according to the existing networks and geospatial surveys.

How to get started

With our technically equipped team of professionals, we develop resilient, integrated and advanced software, mapping and BIM solutions for the surveying industry that enable our clients to improve organisational operations management and real-time outcomes. 

Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process and build a successful operating model.

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Ancient Settlement Analysis by Remote Sensing Studies
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