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Super agent services for insurance

Super agent
outsourcing services

At SBL, we can provide agile super agent outsourcing services for the call centre environment to identify customer patterns. Our super agent services assist clients in engaging their customers in meaningful conversations to meet their business requirements perfectly. Focused on an ROI-driven approach, our super agent services help you meet your dynamic business needs including lead generation, cloud computing, telemarketing, fundraising, sales pitch, pledge generation, membership renewal, data collection, customer calls and much more. Professionally trained and equipped with an impeccable set of communication skills, our agents are proactive, customer friendly and are deft in query resolution without any limitations of accent and diction. We facilitate our clients with drafting scripts for common scenarios in any global language.


Our super agents identify clients’ business needs and their customers’ behavioural patterns to develop an efficient work flow process that serves their customer demands efficiently. It’s based on a set of predetermined keys curated for various everyday customer situations and issues. The agents continuously enhance the process by updating the customer information based on research and ensuring their service related demands are fulfilled on time. To ensure strict data compatibility and security, we make use of CRM software and advanced calling systems for better response management. 


We work with diversified clients from various industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, customs brokerage, defence, energy, education, entertainment, finance, food, healthcare, hospitality, information technology, logistics, manufacturing, multimedia, public sector, pharmaceutical, and retail & E-commerce.

Why choose SBL's super agent outsourcing

SBL offers innovative technology that allows 24×7 live agents to call your prospects or answer client calls diligently and with utmost precision. If you outsource super agent services to SBL, our multilingual professional agents can manage all customer challenges ranging from advanced tech support to basic problem-solving. They provide resolution after understanding the actual problem and collaborate with the team to arrive at common ground . Our super agents have a superior set of soft skills which enable smooth customer conversations that are clear, solution-driven, and professional. Our well-defined super agent services quickly resolve the underlying issues and lead to greater satisfaction, therefore assisting in establishing customer loyalty.

How to get started

Outsource super agent services to SBL because we can meet your needs and help your company grow. We strive to provide the best super agent services that satisfy customers and resolve their issues in one step by providing you with access to not only our technological superiority but also an affordable, stable, and compliant service that can improve your call centre’s overall performance.

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