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Staff recruitment services for insurance

Staff recruitment

SBL’s staff recruitment services assist you in finding the ideal individual for various positions in your company, regardless of whether the situation is a full-time, part-time, direct placement, contractual, or contract-to-hire. Our staffing solutions are adaptable, customisable, and cost-effective, allowing us to satisfy any of your placement needs in less time. We follow an extensive process for providing staffing services and strictly adhere to them. Our comprehensive approach to reaching your staffing requirements sticks to workforce planning, employment of personnel, recruitment, selection, placement, training, development, promotion and career planning, transfer, performance appraisal, compensation, and determination of remuneration.

Your staffing software should give not only a platform that is always up to date thanks to regular upgrades but also the kind of personalised service you can expect to ensure that your firm’s particular demands are addressed at all times; hence, SBL understands the need of the client and provides solutions by guiding them to work with tools that would promote efficient handling of staffing tasks such as Wunderlist, LiveHire, Transformify, Bullhorn, Textio, Skillsoft, Workload, Herefish. We also cater to many industries like logistics, manufacturing, horticulture, the recycling industry, hospitality staffing, shipping/ packaging staffing, clean-up staffing and agricultural staffing.

Why choose SBL's staff recruitment services?

The efficient hiring process at SBL might save you a lot of time. Our simple, easy-to-navigate procedure fills unfilled positions faster than a lengthy, time-consuming hiring process. An excessively long and complex recruiting strategy may cost you talented employees while also costly. SBL provides you with quick solutions to your staffing requirements due to its expertise in the staffing components– recruitment, selection, and training. SBL’s well-established recruiting and selection process can help to ensure that the hiring process is both fair and transparent, giving employees confidence that they will not encounter discrimination and that their personal information will be kept private. Seasonal or cyclical businesses can also use our staff recruitment services to bring in extra resources when they are needed.

How to get started

SBL provides cost-effective, full-service, and effective temp staffing and business process services to organisations that may not have the necessary infrastructure or readiness to perform such labour-intensive tasks, or who want to maximise the potential of their employees by outsourcing secondary work to others. 

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