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Specialised transcription for media, publishing & entertainment

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SBL provides specialised transcription services for a wide range of industries and delivers accurate and cost effective transcripts within a short turnaround time. Our specialised services include YouTube videos, insurance documentation and claims, sermons, speeches and lectures, technical documents and reports, recorded telephone conversations, toll-free dictation, voicemails, online content, and MSDS transcription services. To ensure high-quality, we consider elements like font type and size, paragraph length and headings, speaker labels, timestamps, inaudible and crosstalk tags, English spelling, sounds, and capitalisation.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • YouTube transcription 
  • Insurance transcription 
  • Sermon transcription 
  • Technical transcription 
  • Telephone transcription 
  • Toll free dictation 
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Documentary transcription s
  • Insurance claims 
  • Online transcription 
  • MSDS transcription 
  • Speeches transcription
  • Lectures transcription

Why choose SBL’s specialised transcription
outsourcing services?

SBL’s transcription team is well-trained in the nuances of transcription and has in depth experience in delivering transcription services in a timely manner. . We are equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to meet the end-to-end transcription needs of our clients without any compromise on quality. We understand the overall business landscape and the domain in which our client operates and align the workflow  of the transcription assignment to meet the industry-specific requirements. We employ advanced software tools, systems and stringent quality processes to produce error-free results. Adding to this, our efficient project and time management help to meet strict time-bound goals. If you want a partner that can take away the hassles involved in operating a transcription process and give your business a boost, SBL is the right choice. We always conduct business transactions with a transparent and customer-friendly approach to ensure a smooth project execution and client satisfaction.

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