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SmartMerchant solutions provides a full range of extensive features for automating the workflow of any organization. Adapting software technology into the inhouse activity produce efficacy every company look forward to.


  • Manage customer/vendor details
  • Sales management tool supports:
    • Leveraged Analytics
    • Accurate forecasting
    • Identify/manage lead sources.
  • Manage Marketing process with tools for:
    • Creating custom workflows.
    • Designing process templates, forms and reports.
  • Manage the process of planning and procurements with efficient methodologies
  • Handle documents using Document Management System(DMS) tool for:
    • Document Scanning
    • Version control
    • Faster search and retrieval
    • Meta-data management.


  • Faster display of company‚Äôs product information, vision, mission and schemes, thereby reducing the cost and time to market.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with efficient handling of support issues, collecting feedback and managing customer services.
  • Automating the entire workflow related to order processing.

About SBL

SBL Corp offers a broad range of IT solutions to a large number of global clients across industries. We specialize in the design and development of commercial grade software in an attempt to solve real life challenges facing the fast paced IT industry. We deliver world class smart solutions that increase performance and decrease the total cost of technology operations.