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Today, waste management is posting multiple challenges to most of the cities. Due to hazards of unmanaged the waste, the risk of diseases has increased affecting the quality of living. In an attempt to clean up cities and help the world to be a much cleaner, healthier and eco-friendlier place, SBL Corp has thoughtfully designed a highly interactive web and mobile software that takes care of waste management of your city. The Smart e – bin is a smart solution to collect waste from waste bins placed in various locations across the city and, to manage it right from collection and transportation, to disposal.

This Smart e – bin is a solution for waste management teams who struggle and face multiple challenges in this waste collection, transportation and disposal process. The Smart e-bin maintains all the relevant information such as bin type, its location, area. All the bins have inbuilt sensors and GPRS enabled. Each vehicle that collects the waste from these bins has an android device handled by its driver. This system is designed to simplify the entire process in management, as a result, it reduces the total operational cost, increases the productivity of the waste management team and provides regular alerts and updates from time to time. The smart e-bin is a smart move towards much cleaner cities.


  • Eco-friendly waste management system
  • Simple & interactive web / Mobile based software
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Multi-language selection
  • Bins have inbuilt sensors
  • GPRS enabled bins
  • Bin sensors send alerts to server when full
  • Indicates Green – empty bin /Red – full bin
  • Shows current bin location & status in map
  • Shows current location details of vehicles in map
  • Map refresh at regular intervals
  • Report Generation capabilities

Solution Coverage

  • Waste collection & management
  • Vehicle App for driver’s handheld device
  • Bins, location & routes details
  • Shortest bin route assigned to drivers
  • Role Management
  • User management
  • Location management
  • Bin Management
  • Vehicle Management


  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Faster collection & processing of waste
  • Cleaner, eco-friendlier cities
  • E-bin displays status of bin
  • Indicates the shortest route to bin location
  • Push notification to nearest driver
  • Shortest route details sent to driver
  • No response from driver within set time limit, the system finds next driver closest to bin location
  • Bin utilization and service performance reports
  • Reports based on company details, usage plans, payments etc.
  • View all logs and export logs

About SBL

SBL Corp offers a broad range of IT solutions to a large number of global clients across industries. We specialize in the design and development of commercial grade software in an attempt to solve real-life challenges facing the fast paced IT industry. We deliver world-class smart solutions that increase performance and decrease the total cost of technology operations.