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Remote monitoring Smart Surveillance System – an essential for business security

An effective video smart surveillance system can protect your business from theft, crime, and many other unpredictable events. The advanced surveillance systems available in the market support remote monitoring of your surveillance from any location.

In response to increasing trends in crime and violent behaviour, business owners are confronting the need to have foolproof security or surveillance systems that can protect their business assets and provide valuable evidence for injury claims. The growing preference for smart surveillance among businesses worldwide is evident from the fact that the global CCTV camera market revenue was $13.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $45.7 billion by 2032.

Why should your business consider installing a smart surveillance solution?

A CCTV security system can benefit businesses of all sizes in multiple ways. The system can provide the required information for a business to monitor the performance of the employees, support accurate record keeping, ensure overall organizational adherence to health and safety measures, and many more. Continue reading for more information on why you should install a smart surveillance solution at your business premises.

  • Prevent crime and theft – When a CCTV system is installed in the business premises, it immediately acts as a deterrent against theft. Criminals are aware of the possibility of being caught in the CCTV footage and might hesitate to enter the premises. Furthermore, important documents and cash are often stored in business premises to which employees usually have access. If left unmonitored, it carries a high potential for internal crime or theft by the employees.
  • Monitor the performance of employees – Even though organizations are moving away from micro-management of employees, a CCTV system within the office can act as an effective tool to enhance employee productivity. When employees are aware that they are monitored at work, they tend to execute their daily tasks in the best possible manner. It brings accountability throughout the organization. A CCTV system also makes it easy to ensure that employees log in and log out on time and also keep to their shifts.
  • Avoid false insurance claims – Fraud insurance claims against organizations have been rising with many people reporting accidents that may not have actually occurred. A CCTV system can provide clear evidence about an accident and in turn help the business to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • Supports real-time surveillance – CCTV system ensures real-time surveillance and 24/7 monitoring of business premises from any location. The technology allows a business to resolve issues as they occur and further carry out all business operations without any kind of interruptions.
  • Health and safety – Employee health and safety are crucial for any organization. There are many sectors such as construction, mining, etc where the possibilities of accidents are quite high. Further, jobs that involve the use of large or dangerous machinery can also put an employee’s health at risk. Effective CCTV surveillance can monitor the premises round-the-clock and ensure that pitfalls are identified and corrected in a timely manner. Moreover, it helps to enforce adherence to health and safety measures across the organization.
  • Increases customer satisfaction – Whenever a customer visits a business premise, the presence of a CCTV system can provide them assurance of safety. The customers are more relaxed and reassured because they can see that the business takes health and safety requirements seriously. This is especially true in restaurants and the hospitality industry in general.
  • Ensure parking lot safety – Video surveillance can help businesses to increase the safety of their parking lot. Employees will feel it is safe to park their vehicles at any time, even after usual business hours. This can be reassuring for both employees and customers and increase their satisfaction levels.

SBL’s Smart Surveillance solution for CCTV monitoring

We provide smart surveillance solutions that can ensure 100%

availability of your CCTV system for error-free and round-the-clock surveillance. Using our solution you can identify the inherent issues in the CCTV implementation that could be interfering with its functional efficiency. It provides a real-time view of all critical health parameters and real-time notifications of health issues. Further, the top management can easily track the system’s availability.

Our solution is based on proven technology developed after four years of R&D and offers AES 256-bit encryption, TLS/SSL, and two-step authentication for enhanced security. Moreover, we extend flexible deployment options for our customers either from a central location or by monitoring agents at the location. Apart from this, you can be assured of anywhere anytime access through any platform including PCs, mobiles, MACs, and tablets.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a smart surveillance system?

A smart surveillance system uses sensors and advanced technology such as artificial intelligence to monitor sites and office locations. The system provides intelligent monitoring and identifies suspicious activities on time so that the monitoring center receives real-time updates about the status of a site.

  1. Name the three types of surveillance.

The three main types of surveillance are preconstructive, direct, and reconstructive.

  1. What is the latest technology of surveillance?

Artificial intelligence is the latest technology that is being implemented in the smart surveillance system to improve its efficiency. It is highly useful to analyze the happenings in video footage.

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