Smart Surveillance Solution

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Smart Surveillance

With the changing global landscape, there is a major shift in security and surveillance paradigm evolving from just being in an investigative tool to turning into a strategic preventive tool for threat incidents. The efficacy of traditional CCTV monitoring set-up is impeded due to a host of operational issues such as the CCTV is susceptible to theft, damage, internal errors, and connectivity issues and is limited to only recording, storing, and sharing data apart from being highly labour intensive. So, for ensuring the safe and effective protection of business assets and to prevent break-ins, thefts, disruptions, and vandalism, having an automated visual analysis based advanced video surveillance system has become an imperative. SBL’s smart surveillance solution offers cutting-edge advanced intelligent technology to solve the inherent issues in CCTV implementation and enhance its functional efficiency. Our fully integrated solution offers smart sensors along with computer vision to identify potential threats and signal real-time alerts for suspicious behaviour, and situational analysis through constantly tracing the identity, place and movement of persons and vehicles within the secured space, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance for any facility.

We offer a proven technology that is designed based on 4 years of intensive research and development and comes with a software as a service model to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and have improved the functioning of more than 18000 cameras. Further, our powerful AI engine supports remote surveillance and intelligent incident response with real-time notifications for instant alerts in case of intrusions. We leverage market-leading hardware and software with brand agnostic features that are customizable and offer stringent and uninterrupted security. Our solution can resolve all potential CCTV failure points such as camera issues, hard disk issues, power interruptions, configuration and LAN issues, system clock issues, and firmware issues and ensures successful CCTV surveillance.

Key features of Smart Surveillance system

  • Capable of monitoring a single location or at the scale of thousands 
  • Offers DDNS for interfacing dynamic IP devices
  • Flexible deployment options either by monitoring agent at location or from central location
  • The monitoring agent communicates using AES 256 encryption with TLS/SSL
  • Mobile applications (IOS and Android) and web dashboards ensure users are always connected from anywhere and anytime.
  • History data overview and audit trails
  • Central configuration management
  • Hierarchical user management for selective data access
  • Special On-premises edition ensures data remains within the organization for data-sensitive organizations


  • Banks
  • Data centres
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate organizations
  • Government institutions
  • Residential societies
  • Law enforcement agencies

Key benefits of Smart Surveillance system

  • Summary of surveillance and asset configuration 
  • Real-time view of critical health parameters and local recording
  • Real-time notifications for health issues
  • Users get clear follow up assistance
  • One-click ticketing to the service provider
  • TAT reports for review and fine-tuning
  • Service providers can offer pro-active service to clients
  • Service providers can easily justify billing
  • Operations have the entire system assets at fingertips
  • Clear indicators for system availability
  • Easy to analyse the performance of service provider
  • Top management can easily track the system availability
  • Scalable deployment options and anytime, anywhere access
  • Secure, private, and firewall-friendly
  • Reduced costs compared to traditional monitoring systems

How to get started

SBL’s smart surveillance system with complete automation ensures high accuracy monitoring and 24/7 security for all premises. By eliminating downtime and human intervention, our solution guarantees a smart, manageable, and cost-effective surveillance system.

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