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Scientific research services for energy

Scientific research

SBL offers scientific research services that are high quality, accurate, secured and at par with the highest international standards. We cover all the aspects required for conducting research, including ethics, validity and reliability, statistics with average and range values, experimental design, sampling, data collection techniques, and hypotheses. Our teams employ techniques such as reliability tests, sample-size estimation, ROC curve analysis, meta-analysis, report writing, and CRF design to summarise or compile data. We provide services such as biostatistics, clinical research, and scientific data mining, including its entry, cleaning, validation, and report generation. In addition our researchers are equipped to offer clients top-notch crystallography research services because we possess the requisite skills, knowledge, and abilities to undertake these projects.

To provide a high-throughput structure, SBL’s crystallography research services give it access to both synchrotron and internal data collection infrastructure facilities. The structural biology research we provide with insights on protein production and crystallisation, x-ray crystallography, and fragment screening. Our life science informatics services help the medical community in making comparative analysis for various treatments and interventions with the milieu of different settings and policy frameworks. We also provide image annotation services for various scientific processes in pharmaceutical and medical fields including medical content writing and personnel profiling services.

Our range of services

  • Crystallography research 
  • Life science informatics services
  • Scientific data mining 
  • Structural biology services

Why choose SBL's scientific research outsourcing

SBL places a strong emphasis on having good infrastructure for providing and carrying out high-quality scientific research support services, so we have access to cutting-edge equipment and technology and first-rate office facilities. Our team at SBL works out of several delivery centres dispersed worldwide in various time zones providing the highest level of research excellence at competitive prices. As a result, we can provide clients with high-quality services quickly. We also offer you very scalable services. When you need it most, we can scale up the number of resources on the project and ramp up the service requirements because we have the necessary skills and experience

How to get started

SBL provides top-notch services on time, every time, by utilising the most cutting-edge scientific tools, technologies, equipment, and research methodologies. 

Get in touch with us right away if you’re looking for a trustworthy and affordable research partner! Please feel free to request a free consultation and quote.

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