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SBL Joins Hands with Parliamentary Network Africa(PNAfrica) for a Pioneering Technological Voyage

PNAfrica and SBL Collaborate

Cochin, Kerala – August 11, 2023 – The world-renowned IT service provider SBL has unveiled an exciting new partnership with Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica), promising a revolution in Open Parliaments across Africa. Based in Accra-Ghana, PNAfrica has become synonymous with progress for transparent government on the African continent.

SBL: Lighting the Way to Innovation

SBL, India’s shining star in the technological galaxy, is no stranger to innovation. This company has crafted the world’s first digital parliaments, a 100% paper-free wonder and a beacon of excellence. Honored by the Indian government with a civil service award and buoyed by its success in mission mode projects, SBL is stepping onto the international stage.

Crafting an Exciting New Era

This collaboration with PNAfrica isn’t merely a business deal. It’s a commitment to transform how governments and organizations interact with their people. Through AI-driven solutions, SBL and PNAfrica intend to introduce an era of unprecedented transparency and efficiency.

Where Technology Meets Democracy

The new partnership aims to meld technological prowess with a citizen-centric approach. By making use of real-time analytics and automation, the alliance promises a refreshing take on governance, inviting more people into the democratic process.

Words from the Top

“Our alignment with PNAfrica crystallizes our unwavering commitment to leveraging next-generation technology for the greater societal good,” articulated SBL’s CEO, Gopakumar Pillai. “We are thrilled to channel our digital prowess in crafting a future where open and participative governance becomes a tangible reality in Africa.”

A Glimpse into SBL and PNAfrica

With its headquarters in Bangalore, India, SBL has consistently dazzled the global stage with its unique offerings in GIS, BPMS, AI/ML, and Multimedia. Its globally celebrated digital parliament solution is only the tip of the iceberg.

PNAfrica, rooted in Ghana, stands as a testament to the potential for open, transparent, and participative parliamentary processes. Their mission spans the African continent, promising to make a significant difference in how governments operate.

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