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Research and analysis services for mining

Research & analysis
outsourcing services

In our information-rich digital era, businesses are investing heavily in research and analysis to develop new business models, uncover new revenue opportunities, replace legacy systems, maximise profitability, and drive sustainable business growth to be future-ready. In-depth research and analysis helps fuel data-driven business transformation by providing accurate market intelligence and critical insights for intelligent decision-making across various core functions. These include marketing, finance, human resources, and operations. Many organisations are dissuaded from setting up a fully-fledged in-house research capability as it can require a very substantial, and sometimes speculative, commitment in terms of time, money, and key resources without any guarantee over the ROI. Our research & analysis outsourcing services can help avoid this risk. Outsourcing their research and data analysis requirements helps businesses to access strategically vital information with minimum risk and within quicker, more efficient turnaround times. SBL’s research and analysis division specialises in providing intelligent and comprehensive research insights to help clients improve their bottom line while avoid risk-heavy long-term investments in specialist staff, equipment, and infrastructure.

We offer a wide variety of research and analysis services to industries such as banking, insurance, E-commerce, mining, infrastructure, retail, government, media etc, ensuring data accuracy and data completeness for reliable business analytics. Our skilled research analysts gather data from multiple sources, organise it in a presentable form which is easy to interpret, and intelligent graphical representations to render the multi-dimensional data more meaningful and insightful.

Research & analysis services

SBL’s research & analysis services that provide
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Our established teams of research experts come with solid domain expertise and long-standing research exposure. We offer technology-backed research solutions for data extraction and analysis from diverse data sets and sources which provide insightful interpretations such trend analysis and empirical predictions around future opportunities and threats. Customisable suites of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive analytic solutions are made available to your business to enable effective and efficient data-driven decisions. Our research services encompass a diverse list of domains including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical research, financial, business, scientific, market research, and curriculum development, as we provide quality-focused research solutions for multiple dynamic business needs. We help our clients derive maximum value from our data analysis outsourcing services and offer flexible models to meet your specific industry requirements and focus. Be it a one-time research paper or long-term research support, we can handle it all in a professional and timely manner. 

We take client data security seriously and work with strict adherence to SLAs and to other compliance requirements including GDPR. We are of course ISO 27001 certified. With a strong focus on accuracy and completeness of the information, we also strive to ensure zero errors and quick turnaround times. Combining state-of-the-art infrastructure with the exceptional analytical, technical, and interpretation skills of our researchers, we can offer high-quality research deliverables in any format.

Why use SBL’s research & analysis outsourcing

We adhere to impeccable quality standards and with unwavering dedication provide our clients with up-to-date information on market intelligence and industry trends, empowering them by providing a comprehensive picture about their business, market landscape and their competition. Our research teams comprise domain experts proficient in the latest research and analysis software including SPSS, SAS, etc who meticulously define the scope of the project and align it with business objectives for the best results. 

With our expertise and flexibility, we adapt quickly to the client’s delivery schedules while also meeting stringent quality and compliance requirements.  Our affordable pricing model can suit any budget size and helps to save on our clients’ research overhead costs. We follow a holistic approach to achieve research excellence and guarantee you thoroughly researched reports, customisable to your unique business requirements to support ideation and strategising across all levels of business. 

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