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In today’s interconnected world, digital transformation is presenting businesses and organisations with opportunities and threats at an ever-increasing rate. Being able to respond quickly and effectively to this rapid pace of change has never been more important, especially when it comes to recruitment of the right staff at the right time. Inevitably this has precipitated an exponential rise in demand for talent acquisition which in turn has lead to stiff competition among businesses to hire the best talent available and maintain a competitive edge in the market, placing very significant strains on in-house HR departments. SBL are here to support those HR departments with our highly-regarded recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services.

At the best of times establishing and maintaining an independent in-house recruitment process is often expensive, time-consuming, limits the access to diverse talent, and brings a sizeable roadblock in terms of the quality of candidates and the increased time-to-hire. This can result in a backlog of vacant positions and frequent project delays. Through no fault of their own – it is simply a scalable resource issue – recruitment or talent acquisition managers can encounter myriad challenges while trying to simultaneously streamline the recruitment process to achieve better quality and turnaround times while also attending to the day-to-day task of finding the right talent with the requisite skill sets in support of their organisation’s growth strategy.

Recruitment process outsourcing services represent an ideal solution for these HR challenges, whether it is ongoing talent acquisition for the organisation as a whole, or for specific, time-limited projects. RPO ensures that open job positions are filled quickly through ready access to competent and diverse talent pools. It delivers the right talent match as aligned to the company’s culture and ambitions, while substantially reducing hiring costs.

As a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company, SBL delivers strategic recruitment process outsourcing services that are firmly grounded in the fundamentals of strategy, process excellence, scalability, innovative talent sourcing, and agility. We help our global clients from small start-ups, to mid-size companies, to large organizations in enhancing their core strengths through competitive and measurable talent management solutions that support them with the recruitment heavy-lifting. This includes screening, and selecting the suitable candidates quickly and at volume, thereby removing the need to over-burden or increase any in-house recruitment resource.

Our end-to-end delivery models encompass the various aspects of recruitment including human capital management, staff recruitment, contingent workforce solutions, executive search, and many more. With an extensive range of domain expertise, we can cater to dynamic talent requirements across diverse domains such as Information Technology, E-commerce, retail, real estate, healthcare, transportation and logistics, government, infrastructure, etc. Through our hiring solutions, we provide access to certified professionals in a wide array of specialties, including Project Managers, Software Developers, Architects, Infrastructure Specialists, and Business Analysts.

Recruitment services

SBL’s recruitment process outsourcing services

Our recruitment process solutions help organizations to acquire top-quality talent and meet hiring targets across all business verticals. We follow a recruitment model based on intensive market research to obtain CVs from diverse sources and screen them effectively to ensure the most suitable candidates for your organization. Equipped with several years of rich industry experience, our team of professional recruiters cater to the entire gamut of your recruitment needs, be it permanent, temporary, or contract-based and ensure a friendly, positive and efficient recruitment process experience that enhances the candidate joining success rate.

We extend a scalable model and a partnership approach to deliver sustainable results to your organization, helping to build a strong employer brand reputation in the market. Based on your organization’s brief and clear vision about your long-term talent needs, our dedicated recruitment teams ensure that the candidates are the right fit as per the desired skill sets and cultural affinity. While working with us, you will gain access to a global talent pool of specialised professionals as well as the latest, most innovative recruitment practices. Our global recruitment solutions are built to meet the dynamic needs of the modern workplace, utilise the latest in technology, and follow your industry’s best practices. 

Why use SBL’s recruitment process outsourcing

We offer customised recruitment process outsourcing solutions that enable you to save very significant sums on your hiring costs while capitalizing on the expertise of a dedicated and experienced team of recruitment specialists. Through our access to a large database of qualified candidates and our innovative matching algorithm, we ensure that you get the best candidates for your project. Based on our client’s business cycle, we provide flexible solutions and price models that meet their specific needs and enable them to scale up or down.

Our recruitment specialists come with project-specific delivery expertise and flexible client-centric models to meet both your short-term and long-term goals. With us, you can be assured of an on-demand workforce with impressive skill sets for optimised workflows and improved productivity. When you outsource recruitment services to us, you can be assured of continuous engagement and an innovative approach for the productive management of your resources.

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As a leading recruitment process outsourcing company, we leverage our long-standing expertise and resources to source the perfect candidates who can ensure business profitability. Our size means we are able to mobilise quickly and at short notice.

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