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As with other industries that have operated under traditional business models for decades, the Real Estate sector has benefitted enormously from the rise in new technologies. These technology-led solutions have provided Real Estate professionals with faster, more efficient means to reach and then engage with their customers. The challenge has been how to best maximise the opportunities presented by the myriad options available, both in terms of adoption, maintenance and constant upgrades. Often it can feel as though as soon as one innovation is brought into the business things have already moved on to the next. This is where building strategic partnerships with expert services and solutions providers becomes absolutely vital.

Not least because in the midst of navigating new technological landscapes the same day-to-day operational challenges still remain. In fact with the volumes of information now produced, and the rapidly changing compliance rules under which management of this information sits, these challenges have intensified. Managing cash flow, offsetting increasing costs, making time to plan for business expansion and customer acquisition growth, and being able to dedicate concerted time and effort to general process optimisation so as to preserve margins and maximise profit all place significant strain on the sector. 

By outsourcing your company’s technology solutions and services to an expert tech partner like SBL you will instantly remove this additional burden and worry. This in turn will allow you the time and space to focus on core activities around business growth and profitability. Our partnership will guarantee access to resilient real estate operating models by leveraging the joined up power of SaaS, mobile applications development, online engagement including 3D attributed modelling, and analytics. We can help real estate businesses improve and manage the reachability and searchability of commercial and residential listings, leasing and sales pipeline listings, agent and broker onboarding, sales activity, support, deal terms and portfolios. Solutions include customized ERP, CRM, software development, web applications, data processing and management, research and analysis, and contact centre teams.

SBL has a dedicated team of industry experts who deliver multiple scalable solutions for your real estate business development including digital listings adaptation from various formats such as PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets, images and web pages. We also provide real estate lead generation, bookkeeping services, payroll, data management, data security, surveillance, parking solutions, and other imperative functions for our real estate clients from various backgrounds, such as estate agents, contractors, rental property owners, and more. 

We have immense experience working with real estate agents and contractors, and our professionals are well versed in every technical and organisational aspect of the real estate industry. Furthermore, to revamp your operations, we conduct company-based research to combine our analytics expertise with consulting experience to add value to your business. With the help of tailored entrepreneurial solutions and our advanced market research to support the real estate industry, our clients can access constructive analysis for diverse real estate verticals such as commercial, residential, retail etc.

Services we offer to the Real Estate industry

Key highlights

  • Keeping track of all the updates with federal or state law, we ensure your real estate business is always compliant with all the regulations.
  • We employ the most advanced software to tackle any amount of transactions so that our clients can focus on their core business activities.
  • SBL works on leveraging our real estate understanding to drive clients toward less-risky investments with high returns while also ensuring economic viability.

How to get started

SBL can digitally transform the operations of its real estate industry clients through technology enablement and accurate rental or sale listing information on real estate marketplaces including for companies, agents, brokers, landlords and facility management companies. Our IT solutions and services are flexible, cost-effective, and designed to streamline real estate tasks and responsibilities. They have been meticulously optimised to assist clients in increasing overall efficiency. 

Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process issues and build a successful operating model.

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High Accuracy DTM Editing for a Real Estate Firm Using UAV Imagery
SBL case studies
Tracing the foreclosure Sale Records

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