Production Support


Our production support services are aimed at managing smooth production processes of organizations at cost-effective price points. Our flexible and intuitive support model helps organizations focus on their core competency. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we provide integrated support for service level management and IT automation across a range of platforms.

Our production support services include


With prowess in the financial services, insurance, banking, capital markets, and telecommunication domains, our testing services include:
  • Product Support and Application Management
    • Corrective maintenance and bug fixes
    • Production environment support
    • SLA based ticket management
    • Co-ordination with L1 team
  • Product Enhancements
    • Improvement in design
    • Incorporation of additional modules, reports etc.
  • IT Infrastructure Support – Troubleshooting of network and documentation issues
    • Malfunction and bottleneck identification
    • Printer support
    • Drive mapping
    • Assistance with sharing network resources
  • New Installations
    • New programs
    • Additional system components for customer servers
    • RF handhelds and desktop applications
  • Data Import and Export from Software Systems
    • Material file imports, owner imports, account imports etc.
    • Export to external database, archival database etc.
  • Data Identification and Mapping
    • Mapping for electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • Data integration
    • Data mapping for additional reporting
  • Custom Data Extraction
    • Creating customized tables and views in SQL database
    • Data retrieval
    • Custom data presentation
  • Database Administration
    • Scheduling and verifying backups and restores
    • Database indexing and optimization
    • Establishment of test environment
    • Capacity planning
    • Performance monitoring
    • Transfer and replication of data



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