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Procurement services for architecture, engineering & construction

Logistics procurement

As political, geographical, economic and other factors change, it becomes more difficult to procure resources, materials, equipment, and supplies. Disruptions may be devastating to an organisation that relies on the continual movement of resources and reserves, and it’s not always possible to anticipate and prepare for every contingency. SBL can assist your procurement process by writing proposals, providing competitive pricing, and managing project tender bids. Our structured logistics procurement services are designed to  save you time and money. We come with long-standing industry experience in  optimising supply chain processes, lowering overheads, and limiting risk exposure for the organisation.

As a premier procurement service provider, we are continually looking for ways to reduce your procurement costs. We do everything we can to help you meet supply and demand, whether locating a good vendor or selecting a logistics partner. Our extensive knowledge in this field can help you choose a supplier based on their credibility, material cost, and ability to deliver on time. SBL can assist you with your import and export needs. We make the client’s procurement process easier by deploying industry-leading leading technology and skilled professionals in the various phases of procurement. We operate as an extension of the client’s team to continuously locate cost-effective supplies, suppliers, products, and other items. Our solutions assist you in spending wisely and making the best decisions without exceeding your budget.

Our range of services

  • Tendering
  • Selection of supplier
  • Import and export
  • Insurance services

Why choose SBL’s logistics procurement services?

SBL is a leading multinational offering  the highest level of data management integrity and the highest quality services. If cost is a significant consideration, our services will be helpful because our bespoke solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements.  We use technology to our advantage to meet our deadlines. Our turnaround time is significantly faster than that of other businesses. We never fail to deliver on our promises to provide high-quality logistics procurement services following international standards. We have the most excellent certified specialists with decades of experience in various solutions in our pool of skills. We offer scalable services where resources can be added as needed, whether you’re swamped by a surge or have a high-priority task. Our customer service representatives are highly trained and skilled in all elements of customer service and can provide you with personalised assistance in any language you desire.

How to get started

SBL specialises in providing a wide range of logistical services. We employ new techniques and have access to technology and intelligent procedures to deliver world-class services to our clients. Our professionals are handpicked based on process experience and do all necessary to provide more outstanding results at a lower cost.

To outsource procurement and receive a free quote, please contact us. We’ll walk you through the process and ensure your services are delivered on schedule.

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