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Pre-shipment inspection for mining

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SBL is a global outsourcing agency offering pre-shipment inspection services to international clients and ensuring that shipped goods meet the contractual specification and follow relevant documentation such as a letter of credit, purchase order or the contract of trading parties. Buyers appoint us to implement stringent quantity and quality control of goods before dispatch through top-notch pre-shipment inspection. When you outsource pre-shipment services to SBL, our highly qualified product inspectors who pick product batches for inspection utilise the appropriate sample procedures and compare them to clients’ suitable quality criteria or the standards of their target market.  


Outsourcing the pre-shipment inspection process to SBL acquaints firms with a thorough evaluation that considers product functioning, implementation, durability, overall appearance, and measurements. In addition, our product inspectors undergo immense research to employ knowledge along with multiple configurable checklists for all product categories, resulting in flexible and reliable quality control, assisting our partners in assuring a secure and advanced supply chain.

Why choose SBL’s pre-shipment inspection

Our years of expertise & experience have made us capable of handling shipments in a variety of sectors & industries. We employ cutting-edge data management technologies to ensure the security of clients’ data and integrate our efforts with scalable solutions that boost our associates’ productivity and facilitate high-quality connections. Our entire inspection processes are consistent with the best industry practices, preventing possible reassessments. In addition, 24 by 7 support to multiple industries at extremely affordable rates, quick TAT, and reducing clients’ employee operations costs are some other prominent advantages of outsourcing pre-shipment services to SBL.

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As a leading outsourcing company providing pre-shipment services, SBL fully understands the dynamic and diverse clients’ needs and aims to offer optimised, high-quality, accurate, error-free, and cost-effective pre-shipment services.

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