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Aerial photographic surveys into GIS data

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Photogrammetric mapping services for mining

Aerial photogrammetry
survey mapping services

SBL covers a complete range of aerial photogrammetry mapping services for extracting accurate measurements from aerial photographs of physical objects and developing 3D models, maps, and drawings of terrains. We generate high-precision digital topographic maps by capturing data from stereo models and serve the aerial photogrammetry survey needs of industries ranging from transportation to digital orthophotography and land administration. With an expert team consisting of certified photogrammetrists, we leverage the latest technology including advanced soft copy stereo photogrammetric technology and deliver the highest quality topographic and planimetric mapping. We support several industrial applications such as engineering design, vegetation encroachment, electric energy surveying, land development, etc.  

Our comprehensive photogrammetry mapping services cover consulting, project planning, data conversion and integration, image acquisition and processing, and capture precise photogrammetric measurements. We deliver mapping products in any format such as CAD or GIS.

Our comprehensive range of photogrammetry services

  • Digital photogrammetric mapping
  • Aerial triangulation services
  • Digital planimetric & topographic Mapping
  • Terrain modelling services
  • Orthophoto generation & editing services
  • Stereo plotting services
  • Contour generation
  • 3D city modelling
  • GIS base mapping
  • Close range photogrammetry

Why choose SBL’s photogrammetry mapping services?

SBL’s photogrammetric mapping services follow well-defined processes and multiple quality controls while deploying the latest satellite photography equipment to create high-resolution images. We have successfully executed several prestigious photogrammetry projects including 3D feature extraction from stereo pairs, image processing through Pix4D, and creating elevation models for more than 40,000 sq. kms of area. Our exposure to terrains of varying complexities and wide industry expertise allows us to match the quality requirements of our clients and add value to every project.

We offer customizable solutions and flexible pricing models to meet the needs of clients of any size and guarantee precise photogrammetric mapping for any project size. Further, our expertise in 3D modelling and planimetric features allow us to deliver projects with minimum turnaround time and strict adherence to SLA commitments.  We also ensure highest levels of safety and confidentiality of our client data by implementing stringent data security measures at our production facilities that include state-of-the-art firewalls, video surveillance, and facilities with biometric access control.

How to get started

We fully comprehend the dynamic needs of our clients to map the real world and access precise terrain information and work to deliver reliable, detailed and error-free photogrammetric mapping services at competitive prices.

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