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Pre-arrival review

system (PARS) services

SBL provides the Canadian Pre-arrival Review System in an effective way as it enables customs brokers to submit release data in the form of RMDs (Release on Minimum Documentation) to the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency). Outsourcing PARS services to SBL allows you to submit an early entry request that facilitates the release or referral for the examination of particular carriers when they reach the Canadian borders with the freight. As a leading Canadian customs brokerage service company, we have licensed experts in our team who are proficient in managing the PARS entry. We can submit your PARS documentation within quick TAT and transfer your goods inland and simultaneously ensure compliance with the Canadian import regulations.

We guarantee optimal preparation and submission of all the documentation, duties, licenses and permits to ensure clearance rates for our clients. Outsourcing our PARS entry services benefits Canadian customs brokers looking for expert help with this complicated, high-volume task. We diligently determine tariff classification and duty evaluation, and our PARS entry services offer our clients a cost-effective solution to deal with excessive documentation and the frequently changing regulations.

Why choose SBL’s pre-arrival review system

SBL’s impeccable pre-arrival review system (PARS) entry services have assisted numerous customs brokers globally. Regardless of how or from where your customers’ goods arrive in the country, our strategic customs brokerage expertise ensures steady movement of goods for both big and small importers. In addition to this, we are always committed to clearing all inbound goods quickly while reducing the risk of trade compliance; our clients can be guaranteed of partnering with the perfect PARS service provider. At SBL, our value is embedded in our capability to ensure timely arrival or passing through of goods and shipments through Canadian borders. By partnering with us, our associates gain shipments arrival through any mode of transport with the help of dedicated customs brokerage professionals, managers, and trained staff. Experts prepare customs documentation and also the  tariff valuation and classification with the support of our advanced tariff calculator, following with claims processing and duty drawbacks handled efficiently. We also hold entire PARS and EDI capabilities to ensure the highest possible standards for regulated data entry while reducing post-release duty accommodations and customs inquiries. 

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As a leading outsourcing company providing pre-arrival review system services, SBL fully understands the dynamic and diverse clients’ needs and aims to offer optimised, high-quality, accurate, error-free, and PARS services.


Are you looking for expert assistance for PARS management at an affordable price? Talk to our experts now and attain superior pre-arrival review system services.

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