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OCR/ICR for education

OCR/ ICR outsourcing

SBL’s OCR/ ICR professionals convert paper documents into digital data that can be easily accessible and can be saved, retrieved, and edited. Our OCR/ICR outsourcing services are cost-effective methods to cut overheads, optimise workflows, and help modernise the data management process of your company all at once. Our OCR service conversion bureau specialises in transforming physical documents or images into editable text documents. We can capture the most complex and unstructured files into highly organised, and formatted OCR scanned files. Outsource OCR services to SBL to transform your paper-based documentation process. We combine agile design forms and the latest recognition technologies to offer customised solutions.

We operate with niche software to rotate the scanned images and produce digital images in formats specified by clients, including PDF or TIFF formatted images. Our OCR resources include typewritten OCR, cursive OCR, handprint OCR, music OCR, and MICR.  

We also utilise OCR software for writing and printing recognition. On the other hand, SBL’s Intelligent Character Reading (ICR) services handle the conversion of handwritten text and numbers into machine-readable strings or documents.

Our dedicated technology team can convert any handwritten report into a PDF or word document format using ICR technology. Our ICR service also allows data to be captured using software that can read information from various documents. We follow a very conclusive process to get the best outcomes for our clients after they avail OCR/ICR services. We strictly adhere to the process for quality delivery as per the client’s requirements, and carefully scrutinise and follow the scope of data enrichment required, based the on trial-based client inputs, setting and informing time, resources, and pricing, constituting a data enrichment team by the project manager, ensuring data enrichment according to the project, quality check, and finally uploading demanded output onto the client portal.We convert our clients’ OCR data into PDF, word, powerPoint, and other formats, so they don’t have to buy the software. As a result, our OCR outsourcing services can help you save time and money.

Our range of services

  • OCR/ICR clean up services
  • OCR/ICR conversion

Why choose SBL's OCR/ ICR outsourcing services?

SBL guarantees the best OCR services and solutions at a competitive cost for your text conversion project with our cutting-edge skills and expertise. As a part of our OCR/ICR service, we let our clients use our clean-up services as it eradicates the possibility of data loss and retrieving lost data. Our clients can effortlessly distribute, accurately scan, and convert Microfiche data by utilising our microfiche scanning and conversion services. SBL offers you a competitive edge in outsourcing OCR/ICR services by boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of official work. Our instant tracking facility lets you keep track of your activities and is constant throughout the day. Outsourcing Optical Character Recognition and ICR services to SBL ensures that they are in safe, qualified, and experienced hands. Our professional team has a thorough understanding of the OCR and ICR service provisioning processes, functions, and solutions, resulting in a beneficial partnership for your company and the best possible outcome in the industry.

How to get started

We can deliver the best OCR/ICR services for modern data operations with a team of skilled data experts and project managers. We strive to acclaim an eminent position for your company as we customise our services as per your business needs. Trust us with your requirements and expect the best results in the industry.

Outsource Professional OCR/ICR Services to SBL Corp to experience constructive data management!

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