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Mizoram MLA National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA)

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NeVA for eGovernment

NeVA for eGovernment

SBL successfully implements the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) for eGovernment in Mizoram Legislative Assembly, empowering the assembly to go digital and paperless.

SBL has become the industry leader for the digital transformation of lawmaking bodies by positioning itself as the key implementation partner of the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA), a ground-breaking project under the One nation, One Application initiative for eGovernment. Developed by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MoPA), NeVA aims to convert state legislatures into paperless or digitalized ecosystems. Our team has supported the digital transformation of lawmaking bodies in several Indian states and made history in April 2016 by implementing e-Vidhan, India’s first hi-tech legislative assembly, in Himachal Pradesh. 

Further, our expertise in the automation domain and strong technical and system integration capabilities has enabled us to be the first choice as a system integrator for NeVA. In March 2022, we operationalised India’s first NeVA in Nagaland Legislative Assembly in record time. Even though the NeVA software is a centrally hosted application, made available to multiple assemblies, it requires extensive system reengineering to implement it to the unique needs of each state assembly. After going through the evaluation and tendering process, Mizoram Legislative Assembly selected SBL as their NeVA implementation partner for a fast and effective implementation.

Services included in our National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) solution

  • Data annotation services  
  • Online data entry services  
  • Offline data entry services  
  • Directory services  
  • Real estate appraisals data entry  
  • Geotagging data entry services  
  • Data entry for business cards 
  • Food nutrition scale data entry services  
  • Image data entry services  
  • Ebook data entry services 
  • Document data entry services  
  • Data capture services  
  • Data extraction services  
  • Document management systems  
  • Data entry from dictionaries/ manuals  
  • Copy paste services  
  • Database development & migration 
  • Data enrichment services  
  • Offshore data entry services  
  • Catalogue data entry services 
  • Data entry mailing list services  
  • Company reports data entry services  
  • Questionnaire data entry services  
  • Data entry of business surveys  
  • Invoice forms data entry  
  • Internet data input services  
  • Database data entry services 
  • Data entry for restaurant menus
  • Product registration data entry  
  • Insurance claims data entry  
  • Data entry from enrollment forms  
  • Text & numeric data entry  
  • Classifieds data entry services  
  • Legal documents data entry  
  • Data entry of printed content
  • MySQL database data entry services  
  • Data entry from telephone directories  
  • Website data entry services  
  • Translingual data entry services  
  • Multilingual invoice data entry  
  • Biological species database creation  
  • QuickBooks data entry services  
  • CRM data entry services  
  • Digital transaction processing services  
  • Survey forms processing services  
  • CRM database management services  
  • Catalogue building and indexing 
  • ERP data entry services  
  • SKU data entry services  
  • Data appending services  
  • Email appending services  
  • Real estate data management 
  • Digital asset management services  
  • Data licensing services  
  • Healthcare data mining services  
  • Remote data entry services  
  • Address management services  
  • CRM data mining services  
  • Banking data entry services  
  • Image search services  
  • Typing services  
  • Medical image annotation & tagging 

NeVA implementation at Mizoram Legislative Assembly - SBL advantages

In September 2022, we operationalised NeVA in the Mizoram Legislative Assembly, incorporating the latest ICT tools in the assembly operations and maximising engagement, transparency, and access to governance. We recommended a structured NeVA implementation and followed a step-by-step, incremental deployment approach. By combining our onsite and offshore teams, we were able to ensure that the assembly received the best solutions to the requirements raised. 

We followed a process which started with a system study, BRD preparation, obtaining stakeholder approval, analysing hardware/networking requirements, conducting a detailed site survey for civil, electrical, and other areas, developing detailed training plans, and implementing software and hardware in a clear-cut way, thereby paving the way for success. As a direct result of SBL’s systematic approach and detailed planning sessions with the concerned officials, the assembly’s requirements were met accurately and in full. SBL deployed expert project management and implementation resources with at least 20 years of experience. This ensured that the onsite team was provided with timely advice and project monitoring by the central project management team.

Benefits of NeVA implementation for Mizoram Legislative Assembly

The National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) automates the legislative legislation process, tracks documents real-time, and allows stakeholders to share information seamlessly, including creating a data repository and providing bilingual access to documents in English and regional languages. Additionally, legislative members can access any required information on handheld devices or tablets and conduct all house business efficiently.

Furthermore, by implementing NeVA, house proceedings are streamlined, the assembly session can be conducted digitally, the law-making process is automated, paper-based processes are eliminated, printing costs are reduced, bilingual document access is enabled, and members can interact with full House information either remotely or on site.

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We are a pioneer in the automation of law-making bodies across the globe and a reputed NeVA implementation partner in India.

Our team can efficiently support the end-to-end NeVA implementation for any Indian state.

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