Our solutions enhanced mining safety of Mining Company in New Caledonia, reducing mining accidents in their mines by almost 40%
Our GIS experts improve the operational efficiency of mines in Congo, thereby saving millions of dollars every year
Our UAV data Engineers mitigated mining risks of a UK mining giant with timely integrated data sets thus saving lives and costly equipment from damage
Our Mine mapping solutions using drones has helped mining companies to increase their efficiency, productivity and safety substantially

Our Offerings

Our innovative and cost-effective end-to-end mining solutions coherently manage all aspects of mining operations from exploration, to extraction, maintenance and shutdown. Our offerings aid companies to consciously study the impact of mining activities on the environment and deliver optimum productivity, thus making them profitable in the long run.

Success Stories

We have been instrumental in overcoming some of the most critical mining challenges across geographies, thereby aiding in advanced exploration and assessment work. We have cleared bottlenecks for geological mapping in Indonesia and UAV data processing for orthophoto development of mines in Congo. We also aided a premier mining firm with its LULC classification. Read our case studies to get insights on how our offerings have helped mining companies enhance accuracy and productivity.