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Medical claims adjudication services for healthcare

Medical claims adjudication services

SBL offers high accuracy and quality medical claims adjudication services, a simplified and efficient solution for processing, evaluation and management of medical insurance claims and reimbursement for any volume. Our medical claims adjudication services are meant to eliminate fraudulent claims, reduce cost overruns, and free up time in the day for other important tasks. Furthermore, SBL has the best staff of medical claim examiners, who will carefully evaluate claims after they have been submitted for insurance and reject any incomplete, duplicate, or incorrect claims. Our meticulous claims adjudication methods will help you expedite claim processing while reducing risk to your bottom line. We’ll adjudicate claims swiftly thanks to our experience with both automated and manual adjudication process management. Our staff will examine for duplicates, mistakes, and other inconsistencies that could cause delays or denial of claims. SBL is always innovating and optimising its processes by creating smaller process subsets that every one of our clients can relate to and support. Multi-layer claims review is one example of a sub-process that provides up to 100 per cent accuracy and fast speed, which is advantageous in the healthcare industry. In addition, we regularly upgrade our knowledge base through workshop sessions to be prepared for the current difficulties that cause payment delays. Healthcare and medical claims adjudication is a time-consuming procedure requiring a thorough understanding of cost-cutting strategies to combat fraud. If you don’t have a professional workforce to adjudicate claims quickly and accurately, this process becomes more difficult. Outsourcing claims adjudication to SBL alleviates most of your concerns because we have experts in manual and computerised claim adjudication. We believe in providing quality services promptly as one of the leading healthcare claims adjudication service providers. This is accomplished by utilising the most up-to-date and cutting-edge healthcare claims adjudication techniques and technologies. Nextgen, Medisoft, CareCloud, Brightree, Proclaim, TotalMD, and other major tools and technologies are used.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Medical claims processing
  • Remittance processing
  • Medicare reimbursement services
  • Dental claims adjudication services
  • Medical claims and encounter processing

Why choose SBL’s medical claims adjudication services?

When you work with SBL for medical claims adjudication, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading expertise and ability to provide a wide range of healthcare services under one roof. Our operational efficiency and service delivery ensure that your claims processing is never overlooked and remains a top priority. Our service quality is a cut above the rest because we take great care to eliminate errors and miscalculations. In addition, we offer our clients a variety of cost-effective pricing choices to fit their budgets and company needs. Our claims adjudicators are experts in healthcare claims processing, and they process your claims efficiently and analytically. We employ the most up-to-date versions of the best claims adjudication tools and technology available. 

SBL’s medical claims adjudication services are HIPAA regulations compliant and offer maximum data security for your claim data. We have many distribution hubs worldwide in various time zones, allowing us to deliver results quickly. Medical claims adjudication services is a scalable solution that allows you to add more resources to deal with a spike in claims. Our services can be easily scaled up and down. When you outsource to us, we appoint a professional project manager who will be your single point of contact for all your questions and project updates through phone or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to get started

SBL, as a leading provider of medical claims adjudication outsourcing services, understands the demands of a wide range of clients and provides high-quality services and operational efficiency. SBL’s team can adjudicate claims payments in various ways, including using the customer’s payment system or our own in-house claims system. We strive to be the ideal corporate partner for you in all parts of our operations and activities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how our structured and focused medical claim adjudication services..

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