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Medical BPO services for healthcare

Medical BPO services

SBL’s goal has always been to deliver a comprehensive set of healthcare solutions to doctors and medical practitioners. SBL’s medical BPO services aim to assist our clients in achieving the best potential patient outcomes by handling all of their day-to-day healthcare administrative tasks. This permits the healthcare professionals to concentrate only on the care and treatment of their patients. Our fine-tuned methods use the most up-to-date tools and software to improve accuracy, cost efficiency, and data accessibility. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare; instead, we customise and personalise our solutions to the specific needs of your healthcare setting, with a focus on data security and confidentiality. This is all part of our digitalisation strategy for our clients.
 We specialise in medical animation and clinical services, medical billing, medical claims processing, teleradiology, and medical transcription. SBL also provides services to manage these organisations’ non-core healthcare procedures, allowing them to improve operational and economic savings while streamlining their healthcare operations. SBL’s medical BPO services are specifically tailored to the healthcare industry, and we can assist you in replacing inefficient old systems with modern digital analytics-based patient service-centric solutions. Our medical BPO services are HIPAA compliant and provide a wide variety of services ranging from medical billing, claims processing, and medical indexing to revenue cycle management and medical coding to match the specific operational demands. Furthermore, we adhere to best practices standards and mandatory procedure regulatory requirements linked to the healthcare sector to ensure that electronic medical records are of the highest quality.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Healthcare back-office support services for urgent care centres
  • Back-office support services for medical billing companies
  • Healthcare back-office support services for hospitals
  • Healthcare consulting services
  • Healthcare documentation services
  • Chart documentation services
  • Health information management services
  • Pharmaceutical outsourcing
  • Clinical services
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Medical call centre Services
  • Back-office support services for physicians
  • Healthcare software development
  • Claims processing software development
  • EDI integration
  • Health information technology
  • Medical billing software support
  • Population health analytics services
  • Patient interaction services
  • Care management services
  • Clinical documentation improvement services
  • Patient engagement services
  • EMR data entry services
  • Medical practice transformation services
  • HEDIS measurement services
  • Healthcare surveys services
  • Patient satisfaction survey services
  • Clinical documentation integrity services
  • Remote patient monitoring services
  • Telemedicine services
  • Clinical decision support services
  • Hospital capacity management services
  • Clinical research organisation services
  • Healthcare payer services
  • Risk-based quality management services
  • Patient onboarding services
  • Medical peer review services
  • Telephone triage services
  • Digital health services
  • Clinical trials regulatory services
  • Care coordination services
  • Telehealth services
  • Decentralized clinical trials services
  • Patient adherence services
  • Healthcare data management services
  • Medical record review services
  • Prior authorization services

Why choose SBL’s medical BPO services?

SBL is a leading medical BPO service provider. Our teams take a professional, collaborative, and frequently inventive approach to their work, which they do in close collaboration with our clients. We include automated but configurable analytics tools to help deliver more individualised service. This data-driven, nuanced model allows for precise diagnosis and treatment. With a history in the healthcare field, our agents provide a meticulous service that lowers inefficiencies and errors, maximising the ROI of your institution’s back-office operations. SBL’s medical BPO services assist you in implementing optimised procedures and providing rigorous medical records indexing, data management, and storage. We assist healthcare practitioners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in meeting all of their key demands on time by giving real-time access to reliable clinical data. Our adaptable service model effectively fulfils the needs of small clinics and multi-speciality institutions, guaranteeing the best possible patient outcomes at all times.

How to get started

SBL is a leading medical BPO company with global delivery centres. We concentrate on thoroughly grasping your company’s needs and effortlessly integrating our services into your practice. Working with us allows you to focus on your main mission of providing care while we handle the non-functional aspects.

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