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From demand fluctuations and supply disruptions to employee health and safety risks, the manufacturing industry faces multiple challenges and requires drastic digital transformation to build more resilient and future ready manufacturing systems that have availability at all times. Manufacturing’s large expensive assets, systems, frameworks and processes that need robust infrastructure support can be streamlined through integrated automation solutions and enterprise-wide applications for higher efficiency. Predictive analytics and other technological advancements to support companies to ensure accurate demand forecasting and inventory management help to reduce wastage, and also improve plant efficiency. 

Outsourcing manufacturing IT solutions safeguards the manufacturing enterprises from near-term disruptions and emerging risks by aiding them with the latest tools and technologies like machine learning, robotics, and enterprise resource planning. Manufacturers should collaborate with reliable outsourcing organisations to diversify the product portfolio and reevaluate cost structures for sustainable growth. It will lead to optimum development and maintenance of the world-class quality of products as well as services. We help you with tools such as ERP manufacturing software, CMMS software, computer-aided manufacturing software, computer-aided design software, EHS software, ETO manufacturing software, inventory management software and more. 

With  SBL’s state-of-the-art services your manufacturing business can leverage agile manufacturing process, open new revenue streams, automate processes for real-time operational efficiency and increase productivity through smart and intelligent manufacturing ecosystems and supply chains. We implement data solutions to boost preparedness for contingencies such as managing product complexities, order deferment, equipment downtime, and paucity of resources and to streamline manufacturing tasks across all organisational functions. SBL is aware that the use of advanced manufacturing technology can speed up production, allowing businesses to release goods or components onto the market much more quickly. As a result, we assist you in making the transition in a seamless manner. 

SBL guarantees you an up-to-date edge over the latest software to have a competitive upper hand in the industry. Automation and optimised processes significantly reduce production time between product batches, increasing profits and competitive edge for the business. Our business continuity management systems manage diversions and calibrate responses to various circumstances. In addition, we utilise visualisation tools to measure performance and monitor enhancement programs. Thus, our approach to the manufacturing industry completely focuses on digitally enabling clients to streamline existing processes while transforming a steadfast ecosystem of services to boost productivity and reduce costs and time to market

Services we offer to the manufacturing industry

Key highlights

  • SBL enters into strategic alliances with an ecosystem of digital service providers to deploy secure and scalable infrastructure. Scalability is a prerequisite for advanced mechanisms and intelligent automation.
  • We devise a roadmap with additive manufacturing, agile service provision, condition-based maintenance, and real-time production planning.
  • Undertaking digital transformation of core systems, we boost capacity utilisation of manufacturing industry and minimise management risks to unify data sources, facilitating causal analysis and predictive analytics.

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SBL can assist manufacturing companies devise smart and resilient operating models at a reasonable cost.

 Our back-office services have been meticulously designed to assist you in increasing overall efficiency. Contact us to work with an experienced team with the resources, skills, and technology to tackle the complex process and build a successful operating model.

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