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Logistics support services for E-commerce

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Outsource your logistics support services to SBL to boost the value and profit of your company while lowering expenses and errors. SBL makes complicated logistics processes like coordinating and controlling the movement of goods, services, information, and resources from the supplier to the end-user simpler. We can provide high-quality transaction processing, payment processing, data processing, business analytics, and customer relationship management services if you outsource your logistics support services. 


SBL provides complete logistics services to transportation firms, 3PL logistics providers (third party logistics), and 3 PP providers (third party payment), bills of lading generation, freight payment processing, freight payment pre-audit services, and freight payment post-audit services are some of the solutions we offer to the logistics business. Before you pay your freight bills, the SBL team will conduct a thorough pre-audit. After applying the relevant tariffs, classifications, accessorial charges, discounts, and other price-related concerns, we will compare each invoice against negotiated rates and contracts. You will be able to better plan and manage your account receivables with our reliable data gathering and data mining services. Outsource to SBL to find billing, applicable rates, and other key data inconsistencies.

Why choose SBL’s logistics support services?

SBL assists transportation firms, logistics providers, and exporters with their shipments by providing back-end support. We ensure that the physical and electronic consignment is in sync from pick-up through delivery. Our electronic BOL generating services assist logistics organisations in achieving increased productivity, faster cash settlements, and faster freight documentation by reducing paperwork and processing time. The development team has merged all of these logistical transportation services to anticipate the auditors’ areas of focus with our preemptive auditing services. At SBL, we’ve raised the bar on customer service to new heights. 

Outsource to SBL and take advantage of our superior customer service. SBL’s knowledgeable and thorough freight payment post-audit services address the need for 3PL logistics providers to double-check payments to carriers that have already been made. We make certain that any cases of overbilling are brought to the carriers’ attention and that any inaccuracies are corrected. We will ensure a continuous flow of information and reliable and secure support, enhanced customer service, lower expenses, and more revenue.

Logistics support services

  • Bills of lading
  • Freight payment processing
  • Freight payment and pre-audit
  • Freight payment and post-audit
  • Customer relationship management

How to get started

Assume you work for a third-party logistics provider, a transportation company, a freight forwarder, or a global logistics organisation. In that case, you can boost your employees’ productivity and concentrate on your main business while SBL handles your freight documentation and payment processing.

By utilising SBL for the Logistics Industry, you may provide your company with a competitive advantage. Please submit your logistics requirements here, and a representative of our Customer Engagement Team will contact you as soon as possible.

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