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Logistics outsourcing services for E-commerce

Logistics outsourcing services

The rapid pace of globalisation has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges: on the one hand expansion into new markets has never been more open and full of possibility; on the other, the newly competitive landscape has rendered it extremely difficult and complex for businesses to run and manage supply chain and distribution operations in a timely and cost-effective manner. An organization’s logistics function is now under constant pressure to maintain a balanced and optimised inventory and fulfilment channel in order to meet evolving customer expectations; how to provide a fast, reliable delivery service while simultaneously improving the efficiency of the logistics process and reducing operational costs is a continuous question for enterprises with ambitious plans for growth. SBL’s logistics outsourcing services help address this question. To establish and maintain a dedicated in-house logistics team can be expensive due to the associated hiring costs for expert logistics manpower resources, infrastructure and technology investments, procurement capacity and compliance risks. By strategically outsourcing day-to-day logistics operations and services to a specialist third-party logistics provider (3PL) helps organisations are able to cut these costs substantially. As a premier logistics services company, SBL adds significant value to your end-to-end logistics supply chain operations through facilitating streamlined operations, economies of scale, minimal back-office work, and transparent processes. We offer logistics services that blend intelligent operations with the latest technology to ensure fast delivery models, real-time tracking, and enhanced customer satisfaction. With an in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry, our wide-ranging logistics services are designed to meet the diverse needs of rail, road, air, and waterways, ensuring a smooth freight journey and a reliable destination delivery. With SBL as their logistics service partner, our clients can transition to a digital-first approach and meet their customers’ pressing delivery demands through advancements such as just-in-time logistics, advanced analytics, automated warehouses, etc.

Logistics services

SBL’s logistics outsourcing services

We cater to the logistics requirements of global clients and handle the end-to-end workflows including logistics support services, freight forwarding, supply chain optimization, fleet management, vendor management, bills of lading, freight bill processing, customer relationship management, and many more.  Our holistic approach to logistical back office functions eliminates inherent supply chain risks and process inefficiencies, creates resilient operations and enables our clients to gain higher levels of visibility and control over the entire supply chain.

We offer flexible engagement models that eliminate repetitive tasks and allow our clients to offer customer-centric delivery and support functions that meet the robust omni-channel logistics delivery service requirements of the digital era. Our team comes with in-depth exposure to the intricacies of the logistics domain and guarantees flawless documentation and error-free logistics operations.

Why outsource to SBL’s logistics team?

Our skilled supply chain specialists offer customized models to meet your unique business needs and significantly reduce your logistics operational costs. In the first instance we help you to streamline and manage your logistics workflows and systems through a programme of digital transformation. These digital changes immediately introduce scale. Very quickly our teams are able to process high volumes of paperwork at pace without compromising on the stringent quality checks you would expect from an ISO9001 service provider.  Our blended approach delivers both high-accuracy output and significant cost optimization for your business. Adhering to industry best practice standards, we help our clients to meet all regulatory and compliance requirements for risk-free supply chain operations. 

We operate from state-of-the-art delivery centres with strict surveillance and quality control measures that assure the complete confidentiality and security of our clients’ data. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to meet all of your support needs and we guarantee quick issue resolution to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We offer scalable logistics service processes that support our clients to seamlessly upgrade their distribution capabilities and meet their global delivery requirements without interruptions.  

How to get started

SBL’s logistics outsourcing services represent a very safe pair of hands. We will manage your logistics back-office operations competently, efficiently and with an unfailing attention to detail. The size of our team means that we are able to mobilise quickly. 

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