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Inventory management system for transport & logistics

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SBL’s inventory management system entails precise information about your inventory, specific location, and requirements. Inventory management services help businesses in retail, manufacturing, E-commerce, and fulfilment to keep track of their inventory requirements. We provide comprehensive services and solutions that are robust and can handle real-time inventory monitoring and synchronisation across numerous channels and warehouses. Partner with an inventory management provider like SBL to leverage the services of industry experts.  Our experts work with you to enhance inventory cost accounting, standardise credit management, and promote cash flow.
Strong inventory management allows you to keep track of stock and organise it efficiently and methodically, making it easier to form the right business decisions. SBL employs a multi-tier method that has increased streamlining and automation at its heart. By utilising modern approaches, we assist business operations in improving stock efficiency and preventing possible stock-outs. Our technology helps clients to efficiently group orders, classify items, simplify warehousing operations and manage order fulfilment processes. We assist you in coordinating operations and processes, allowing you to plan based on more accurate trends and predictions. At every stage of stock inventory management, you can precisely record the sales order number, SKU, packing slip number, etc.

Our range of services

  • Warehouse operations simplification
  • Grouping of orders
  • Streamlining of order fulfilment
  • AI-enabled classification of items

Why choose SBL’s logistics inventory management system?

Outsourcing inventory management to SBL helps to reduce total costs while meeting customer demand and ensuring a stable supply chain.. When you have fewer goods or require more room for your rising SKUs, it will allow you to scale your business without incurring huge expenses on warehousing and  storage space. Outsourcing to SBL can help you deliver your items to your clients more promptly and at a reduced cost. Our personnel work for you from our offices, which are completely equipped with top-of-the-line equipment. As a result, we can give our consumers dependable services. 

Our inventory security systems keep items and products safe in the warehouse and during  transportation. CCTV cameras, GPS trackers, a barcode inventory system, cargo seals and locks, and wireless tracking technologies are all part of our robust security system. We work with several carriers who can transport things to even the most remote locations and also have various warehouses, which helps with timely distribution. Our specialists are dedicated to providing prompt services to our clients by working 24 hours a day,  6 days a week. We deliver fast and reliable data to help you make decisions, and we value your data. You may rest confident that your requirements will be safe and secure if you outsource them to us.

How to get started

SBL delivers customised solutions to meet your specific needs. We work as an extension of your current staff to improve the efficiency and profitability of your company. Our team  covers all invoices and purchase orders and manages the whole supply chain for precise reporting and analysis, assisting you in improving logistics, reducing order time, and increasing order flow speed and accuracy. We also assist you in processing and tracking your clients’ orders to maintain synchronisation across your channel at the warehouse level.

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