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Litigation support services for manufacturing

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SBL’s litigation support services help legal professionals to simplify depositions, eventually solving the burden of ever-increasing paperwork and the resulting pressure this places on staff. We work with your law firm or in-house legal team to devise a suite of litigation support services that conform to established standards and are targeted to meet your specific litigation needs. Our team uses the latest tools– FTK images, Snagit and Tableau– to increase the overall efficiency of the case matter and enhance win rates. Understanding that it can be time-consuming to manage large volumes of electronic data or files, we have extended our services to include data sorting, structuring and prioritisation.

Our legal experts can handle your Powerpoint presentation requirements while also helping your in-house desk prepare a thorough and effective synopsis of the judgments in a particular case. We can also contribute to digitising the reviews, helping your staff save time juggling from one task to the other. Where appropriate, our teams will help you smooth out the case matters while guaranteeing that all the applicable data is appropriately analysed. SEC forms are thoroughly examined so that information transparency between investors, analysts, and regulators is always maintained. In addition we contribute to cutting down your workload for legal coding, wherein our experts help you index documents for easy identification. Our team of highly skilled and experienced legal professionals and lawyers has the necessary abilities and competence to provide high-quality paralegal assistance services to clients. In providing these services we use some of the most powerful and up-to-date litigation support tools and technologies.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Property tax appeal services
  • Video deposition services
  • Virtual legal assistant services
  • Appellate brief services
  • Court reporting services
  • Legal contract monitoring services
  • Medical malpractice litigation support services
  • Patent prosecution services
  • Commercial litigation services
  • Arbitration services
  • Corporate compliance services
  • Data assessment services
  •  Medico-legal support services

Why choose SBL’s litigation support services?

As an outsourcing company with vast industry connections and satisfied clients around the world, SBL believes in high-quality service and has subject matter experts as part of its litigation support service who understand the importance of delivering error-free documents within the deadline. We have a vastly experienced staff of legal specialists ready to care for all your litigation support needs while maintaining high confidentiality and security. If you choose SBL, you can expect exemplary quality litigation support services that meet your standards and come at highly cost-effective rates . 

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If you are looking for thorough, error-free and standard litigation support service, you have landed in the right place.  Let us connect with you and your team for better information processing  and litigation support as we extend our expertise for your in-house legal requirements. 

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