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Legal transcription service for retail

Legal transcription

SBL’s top-notch legal transcription services deliver high quality and secured verbatim legal transcripts that encompass various types of legal proceedings such as depositions, court transcriptions, administrative and arbitration hearings, police and criminal evidence, Interrogations, dictations, legal seminars and conferences, briefs & arbitration, wiretaps and phone calls, insurance & IRS audits and many more. Our team of professional legal transcriptionists, accurately transcribes the audio and video files of legal proceedings and cater to all the legal transcribing requirements of  advocates, paralegals, attorneys, solicitors, barristers, legal prosecutors, law firms, law enforcement agencies, legal court reporters, investigating agencies and insurance companies among others.

With our meticulous range of reliable services, we help you to capture every word, utterance, expression and even the non-verbal cues from video recordings including legal jargon and terminologies with speaker identification thereby helping you increase efficiency and systemize work, allowing you to develop strong cases and gather accurate proof and evidence. We serve clients from diverse legal systems, geographies, and international business firms, covering USA, continental Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region, including Australia. With our extensive experience managing diverse types of legal dictation in varying accents, we can efficiently manage any legal transcription work including legal paper-work review, formatting, proofreading, and scoping services. With our flexible turnaround delivery times and pricing models, we deliver any amount of typing work with ever-changing workload at any time, with no minimum tariffs or monthly fees.

As you can hopefully see, we are a highly professional legal transcription service provider. If you outsource your legal transcription requirements to SBL’s experts today, you will immediately benefit from our fast, high-quality, scalable services and solutions.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Jury instruction transcription
  • Court briefs & proceedings 
  • Court testimonies transcription
  • Investigation transcription 
  • Forensic transcription 
  • Police interview transcription 
  • Time-stamped transcription 
  • Interrogations transcription 
  • Arbitration transcription 
  • Law enforcement transcription 
  • Subpoena transcription 
  • Deposition transcription 
  • Court report transcription 
  • Client letters transcription 

Why choose SBL’s legal transcription outsourcing

SBL can transcribe a wide range of legal documents and meet all of your transcription needs. By outsourcing to SBL you can effectively manage all of your transcription work and benefit from our vast transcription experience, quick turnaround time, affordable services, and accuracy. We strive to ensure total customer satisfaction for our clients and ensure the highest level of data protection with a set procedure. Your information’s security and confidentiality are SBL’s top priorities and we have stringent measures in place to prevent any unintentional leak of data.. SBL’s transcription service guarantees high accuracy and affordable services and efficiently transcribes your legal files. We provide transcription solutions by combining voice dictation transcription and converting the data into an electronic format to be easily retrieved and stored. 

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