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Legal research services for mortgage

Legal research services

SBL’s legal research services help you address and examine legal issues while supporting you with the thorough drafting of legal memorandums and review regulations dedicated to resolving issues introduced by the client. We use newspapers, books, journals, periodicals and several other online sources to support our research and corroborate it. 

We also offer compliance support to help your team with their office needs and help them track legislative bills and work on the received information or data by analysing the amendments that connect to the client’s business, be it in the form of contracts or policies or even the latest amendments. Besides this, your team can also rely on SBL to prepare case arguments by interpreting legal data helpful in the case. 

We also serve as a support to your team for their indexing, and objective coding needs as a part of legal research outsourcing. We also serve as an extended desk to your firm for its need to conduct multi-jurisdiction and detailed legal surveys, which help identify risks in the business. Our team of legal experts is dedicated to helping your in-house team with due diligence report processing, sticking to regulations related to trade and patent work, identifying potential sources of risks and laying down ways to avoid legal complexities in the future.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Secondary source research services
  • International legal research services
  • Compliance law research services
  • Intellectual property research services
  • Multi-jurisdictional research services
  • e-Discovery services
  • New client research services
  • Foreign law legal research services
  • Case law and legislative history 
  • Legislative history research services
  • Patent search services

Why choose SBL’s legal research services?

SBL’s legal research outsourcing services are delivered with precision even within short turnaround times, helping your team analyse opportunities, growth and new potential client bases in a more forensic manner. Our thorough quality control measures verify that the data accumulated are from certified sources, including primary sources such as case law, statutes, and regulations and secondary sources include encyclopedias, legal treatises and law journals. We also provide case-specific research support to your firm, which frees up significant time for your staff to work on more pressing matters, and allows them to execute core priority tasks promptly. We focus on coordination with your team to help with smooth execution, especially when researching past cases and judgments. Our top tier security mechanisms and ISO certifications guarantee that your legal documents stay protected with us throughout our engagement. 

How to get started

We have been giving outstanding legal research services for years while maintaining our quality and precision.  

If you are searching for an affordable and high-quality legal research outsourcing partner, get in touch with us today !

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