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As the leading Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Company in India, we open the door for other organizations to transfer their strenuous and arduous legal works to us. With an expertise of more than 5 years in the industry, we offer a comprehensive suite of Legal Process Outsourcing services for organizations across the world. As a premium legal services company, business institutions choose us over our contemporaries mainly because of the accountability and ethics we keep in our profession.

We have in-house a talent pool of legal professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, research tools, and high-end storage services. With support of the experienced and expert legal professionals on board, we help our clients in minimizing costs, increasing flexibility and expanding their in-house capabilities to a higher level.

Legal Process Outsourcing is a high-end industry and our outsourcing services are witnessing a tremendous growth owing to the credibility and international reputation we have. One of the most prominent advantages of choosing our services is that we provide you the best and flawless outsourcing services at affordable rates. A productive combination of on-shore and off-shore teams enable organizations to facilitate our 24/7 services thereby reducing delivery time.

our Legal Process Outsourcing services include


SBL is a premier Legal Process Outsourcing company renowned to provide cost-effective and, secured legal outsourcing services for all procedures dealing with property related documents. Whether you are a first-time property buyer or even an experienced one, buying a property is an important decision you make. The core focus of SBL is to offer relentless assistance for the preparation of property management documents and we take pride in delivering reliable legal assistance in documenting a full range of property documentation services.

The comprehensive solution we offer you guarantees three significant features that are critical for maintaining insurance claims, viz data security, fraudulent identification, and trust concerns. The full suite of well-defined and easily accessible Insurance claim recording solution is most suited for organizations as well as individuals.

Legal proceedings are really time-consuming and now, with the advent of technologies, many solutions have been formulated to streamline the entry of legal case details. SBL has to offer our clients one of the user-friendly applications to make the successful entry of case details that allows them for easy and speedy access to these in the future.

We understand the importance of legislation and recognize the fact that it has a significant impact on the daily lives of people. At SBL, we provide matchless services to perform full legislation scans without any single fault. With years of expertise and leveraging advanced tools and technologies, we offer to enhance the entire legislation scan procedures.

With the rise of the number of legal cases all around the world, there is a constant demand for services for the accurate filling of court forms. Court forms are the printed documents that help people to handle the legal cases in the court. As a reliable legal outsourcing partner for your business and individual court dealings, SBL can help you prepare with the court forms that exactly matches your requirements.

Arbitration is a way to resolve any disagreements that arise in business dealings to be handled outside the court. SBL acts as your most trusted partner in processing all legal formalities concerned with the filling up of Arbitration and litigation forms. Our well-seasoned legal practitioners have in-depth knowledge in managing the processes related to Arbitration and litigation forms that help you achieve your business requirements.

Business agreements cover every aspect related to any of the two or more companies coming into a mutual contract. Different aspects covered under business agreements are the procedures related to their business practices, matters concerning trade and partnership, employee hiring, acquisitions, etc. SBL customizes Business agreements for individuals, small and medium scale enterprises, corporate, etc., that can be used for all your professional requirements.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives legal power to a person, or group of individuals’ or evens the authorities to manage your money and property on behalf of your discretion. The advantage of using the services rendered by SBL help you for the proper execution of the power of attorney that brilliantly avoids extra costs, delays, and emotional distress.

Purchase and sale deals are the legal contracts that outline the agreed conditions between the buyer and the seller of a product or a service. Our expert panel of legal professionals provides a great framework that effectively finalizes the interests of both the seller and that of the buyer involved in the purchase and sale deals.

The number of people commuting from country to country is increasing nowadays. We offer our clientele exceptional immigration works that help them to travel all around the world adhering to the laws of the countries to which they are travelling. In order to provide remarkable services related to Immigration work, we had hired expert legal officers who are proficient in the immigration domain.






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