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Legal process services for real estate

Legal process
outsourcing services

The growing complexities of legal processes along with frequently evolving compliance regulations are constantly hindering businesses in their formalization of standardized systems and procedures for effectively managing in-house legal operations. Managing an in-house legal team comes with several operational impediments which can include: the validation and accuracy of the output; procedural delays, complex compliance and legal adherence processes, and multiple stakeholder coordination; and an often prohibitive requirement for a large, specialist cohort of lawyers and paralegals. 
SBL’s legal process outsourcing services significantly reduce this burden. 

Outsourcing these legal processes can support businesses in automating and transforming their legal tasks while ensuring optimal resource outlay and faster results. Indeed SBL’s legal outsourcing services combine the strengths of advanced technology together with the domain-specific expertise of our skilled and experienced team of legal professionals. This approach helps to strategise innovative process efficiencies and derive transformational results aligned with the varied legal needs of businesses globally across diverse industries. Examples include E-commerce, government, infrastructure, retail, media and entertainment, logistics, and many more.

Our streamlined legal process outsourcing services follow industry best practices and proven workflow management to handle a full range of complex and otherwise time-consuming legal processes. Typical considerations include extracting precise legal facts through research; reviewing and drafting legal documents; administrative and tax support; and providing insightful analytics and litigation support. We have a team of experienced legal professionals with in-depth domain expertise and proficiency in global compliance legislations, including GDPR and HIPPA. Our in-house legal experts have a thorough knowledge of US and UK Common Law systems along with comprehensive exposure to the global legal market.

Legal outsourcing services

SBL’s legal outsourcing services

Our end-to-end legal outsourcing services cover legal office management, legal document management, litigation support, legal research, property tax appeal, risk, compliance and due diligence services, litigation, arbitration, paralegal, and legal document drafting services. We provide strategic value by simplifying various legal procedures such as reviewing contracts, drafting memoranda, patent services, legal research, preparing briefs, etc.

The team deploys advanced technologies, secure file transfer protocols, and data encryption to ensure client data safety and confidentiality. Stringent quality control measures and strict adherence to SLAs ensure data accuracy and integrity. Furthermore, we follow a transparent engagement model and can handle a huge volume of work enabling scalable operations while allowing our clients to focus on their core business. 

Why use SBL’s legal process outsourcing services?

Our cost-effective services and the team of legal specialists provide clients with the fully-fledged advantages of hiring an expert legal firm of international repute. The large teams can handle any volume of work with strict adherence to deadlines, without comprising on quality, security, and compliance standards. With continuous process flow enhancement and a customisable model, we ensure value for money, with speed, convenience, and reliability.

We assure fast turnaround times to meet the immediate legal requirements of our clients and provide 24/7 support for seamless and uninterrupted workflows. Our team strictly adheres to the specified non-disclosure agreements and adapts to the local and international laws applicable to the project, to prevent any legal non-compliances and related penalties. Furthermore, we offer an optimized cost model without any hidden costs to improve our client’s bottom line with substantial savings.

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