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Legal documentation and drafting services for insurance

Legal documentation
and drafting services

SBL believes in ensuring precision in legal drafts and documents for law firms or lawyers and  businesses that commonly need any legal documentation, such as employment contracts, invoice formats, and even sale-purchase contracts. In addition, utilising qualified drafting services ensures that your work will be completed coherently and within a restricted time frame. Due to their heavy workload and various core commitments, many firms don’t remain engaged in observing drafting and documentation work as it consumes a lot of their valuable time. Hence, outsourcing legal documentation and drafting services is the best way to ensure accurate and high-quality legal documentation.

Our specialised service areas encompass drafting legal pleadings, revelation records, and resorts related to litigations. We also plan pleadings for reviewing trial attorneys while dissecting and churning out legitimate data. By working as your all-in-one resource for your back-end legal drafting and documentation prerequisites, we guarantee you can effortlessly zero in on us for your definitive needs and other lawful exercises. As an outsourcing company, SBL has been preferred by attorneys, judges and legal workers for handling exclusive or complex drafts. The trust comes from the years of industry experience that the legal team at SBL encompasses. We use technology to its optimum ability to assist you with an error-free, pristine and functional legal framework. As a part of legal drafting services, we address the need to edit and examine paperwork to avoid any misprint or mistake in the legalities of the document post . We engage in working on the pre-drafted documents and then, if needed, it is followed by a process of re-drafting them. Our services have supported large firms to perform their tasks faster while  reducing the pressure on the in-house task and managing the workload of drafting, corrections, documentation for contracts, approvals and working on re-drafts from our end, leaving enough scope for the in-house staff to complete their work with ease.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Complaint drafting services
  • Trial briefs writing services
  • Legal memorandum writing services
  • Legal document review services
  • Legal coding services
  • Legal publishing and editorial services
  • Legal proofreading Services
  • Litigation document management services
  • Legal contract drafting services
  • Legal data entry services
  • Deposition summary services
  • Statutory compliance services
  • Patent docketing services
  • Legal due diligence services

Why choose SBL’s legal documentation and
drafting services?

SBL has worked with several of the world’s top law offices to assist them by sharing their workload while guaranteeing all their documentation and drafting needs are dealt with utmost focus and attention. Our global outreach helps us deal with a comprehensive range of requirements for our clients and better understand their need for outsourcing legal documentation and drafting services. We do not just have an experienced group of legal counsellors but also exemplary logical abilities at our facility, which helps them passionately partner with you and support you with legal work. We are well-versed in jurisdiction laws worldwide, which proves to be an addition to interpreting the clients’ requirements more efficiently. We also understand that legal drafting rules frequently change with time, so our attorneys put in extra effort to guarantee that they are well-acquainted with the latest changes in the regulations. You can be assured of a great framework that ensures 100 per cent security and protection of your classified information due to our highly secure infrastructure.

How to get started

SBL has been offering a wide range of legal documentation and drafting services for years now, and over time, it has managed to build the trust of its clients. We have not just partnered with some of the big names in the legal sector but also helped small and medium scale firms to manage their documentation and drafting needs in an error-free manner. 

So if you are searching for a specialist who can give you intelligently drafted legal documentation, then get in touch with us.

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