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Legal document management services for government

Legal document
management services

SBL’s comprehensive legal document management services encompass segregation, categorisation, naming and projection of papers so you have maximum accessibility for your teams, especially those working remotely. Our services cover documents such as forms, contracts, letters, pleas, emails, and even discovery materials. We offer our assistance in examining all file formats ranging from DOCX, PST, TIFF, PPT, PDF, JPEG, MP4, and HTML to WMP and XLS. Our state-of-the-art technology enhances productivity and efficiency of the legal document management process and streamlines legal document reviews for assessing the documentation’s relevance or responsiveness.

SBL is a pioneer in the field of computerised and manual document evaluation. Actual legal attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals make up our review teams. Our methodology offers full assessment of all your proceedings and caters for many variables such as case strategy, efficiency, finding out underlying case information, document tagging, and quality control. We utilise the most impressive law office record handling units for better accessibility while also providing embedded image review tools as a part of the conclusive study of the product at the time of delivery. We also use the latest image and image conversion tools and assign them to documents, allowing easy access later. 

Our legal experts spend time understanding the requirements of your firm. They then determine the record keeping tool suitable for your work condition, making manual or auto-coding easier and more efficient. SBL also ensures comprehensive audits to promote accuracy and precision to reduce the burden on the in-house team. Reviewing a vast number of legal papers is part of the legal documentation process; document review fees account for a significant share of total litigation costs. 

SBL provides exceptional document management and review services to enterprises, law firms, and legal research firms worldwide at affordable rates. Our legal staff adhere to best in class management techniques and document review procedures. We have a strong technological infrastructure that allows us to review your documents in a short amount of time.

Our range of services

  • Subpoena preparation services
  • IP portfolio management services

Why choose SBL’s legal document management

At SBL, we regard our clients’ legal document management requirements as an extended back office function to help them manage their workflow smoothly. Having worked with several global law firms, we ensure that our services alleviate risks, especially concerning government regulations. Security remains our top priority as we maintain privacy surrounding the personal information details and safeguarding against identity theft. We have a group of expert attorneys and legal professionals who are thoroughly prepared with standard, industry-specific solutions and have exceptional skills in coordinating with your team to work through the task more effectively. They have a passion for their work and are keen to comprehend the significance of each case that requires our services.

How to get started

SBL’s customer-centric approach has always made it easy for clients to rely on us to help them meet their daily document management needs. 

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner to add more value to your in-house document management structure and help your staff increase productivity at an affordable price, then  contact us now!

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