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To fulfil your business demands, SBL provides a complete range of IT staffing individuals specialising in diversified forms of information technologies like programming, analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, communications, cybersecurity, data/database management, infrastructure, internet of things, machine learning, maintenance and repair, networks, robotics, software/application development and SCADA , while also leaving scope open for additions as per the industry needs. We cater to IT staffing services in diverse industry verticals such as Information technology, start-ups, advertising, telecom, manufacturing, insurance, aerospace & defence, automotive, banking, business solutions and consulting. We use a streamlined methodology for our IT staffing services to ensure that everything runs smoothly, transparently, and efficiently.

After gaining a thorough understanding of the needs, the client submits the employment eligibility criteria, and SBL responds with a list of prospective individuals’ CVs. After receiving the CV, the client interviews the chosen applicants, and eventually, the client hires the employee/recruit and signs an SLA. Our experts also excel in providing software engineering consulting to help your team better manage the in-house staff, especially the ones that have been freshly hired. The consulting services include technical planning, use of modern technologies and ways to guarantee an increase in time dedicated to core business operations.

Our comprehensive range of services

  • Magento developers
  • LAMP developers
  • OpenCart developers
  • PHP developers
  • AR app developers
  • Java developers
  • Mobile app developers
  • Oracle application developers
  • Drupal developers
  • SEO and SEM experts
  • Web developers
  • WordPress developers
  • Android app developers
  • Blockchain developers
  • iPad App developers
  • iOS App developers
  • iPhone App developers
  • Swift developers
  • Python developers
  • AngularJS developers
  • Magento developers
  • Node.js developers

Why choose SBL's IT staffing services?

SBL searches for the best IT staffing for organisations and enables them to retain the best talent. You can choose SBL to outsource IT staffing and get acquainted with the best professionals you need. SBL also specialises in ensuring affordable services with low infrastructural costs yet providing superior service quality and productivity with efficient staff. Other than that, we also guarantee transparency in hiring and staffing and partnering with SBL’s experts; you can also expect improvement in team management with negligible employment liabilities. As you decide to collaborate with SBL, you can also expect superior staff hiring services and full-time-equivalent Recruiting (FTE) and contract-based hiring procedures. SBL has immense professional experience in offering various staff augmentation services. We work round the clock to enable our clients to achieve their staffing demands faster. We also ensure IT staffing services for a variety of skill sets, recruitment levels, job requirements, cost-effectiveness and significant infrastructural cost reductions. You will notice an increase in service quality and production as a result of our services, as well as a more efficient workforce.

How to get started

With a team of skilful software engineers, we can deliver the best IT staffing services for your industry. We strive to acclaim a prominent position for your company as we customise our services per your business needs. We also offer our services to small and medium businesses to maximise ROI along with large enterprises. 

Reach out to us for consultation on our industry-specific IT staffing services and experience growth with us!

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